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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The book club meeting/ cupcake party


Our second book club meeting was a whirlwind affair. 

I had the Peanut with me because he had a total meltdown before I was leaving 
and I didn't want to leave B with a screaming child and our niece and nephew.

They were packing up to head home and I made a quick trip to the meeting 
before taking them to the airport.

I love our book club meetings.


We read Matched by Ally Condie, it's a young adult book about a dystopian society, or should I say a forced utopian society?  Anyway, it's any easy read and we all liked it.

Picnik collage

Courtney came bearing the gift of Harry Potter cupcakes because it was Harry's birthday.

Happy Birthday Harry!

Courtney just knows these kinds of things.  
She is THE Harry Potter aficionado.

If it's not appropriate to totally geek out at a book club, well when is it appropriate?

I have to say I'm sorry that it's all over. 
No more books, no more movies.

It makes me kind of sad and nostalgic.  

Did I mention that her cupcakes were strawberry?
I puffy heart strawberry cupcakes.


Joanne was our host for the evening.
She had bubbly lemonade and bbq pork sliders for us.

I think I ate 3 but it may have been more.

Also, is there anything that hawaiian rolls aren't good with?

I want to move into her house, but that's really off the subject.

I didn't bring anything.  Isn't that sad?
I had planned on making an oreo cake but Courtney told me the day before that she was bringing cupcakes... and then I just never made it to the store to get/prepare anything else.

Wait, I did bring something!
I brought a bottle of wine that we didn't drink at the first meeting but
I don't think it counts because Joanne brought over the wine originally.

So really I just returned a bottle of wine.

Picnik collage

Jolene had to show everyone up by making these insane cupcakes.

Keeping in theme with the book (and the pre-made dinners they get delivered to their homes daily)
Jolene made these drumstick, peas and carrots, and mashed potato cupcakes.


I know you're dying to find out how she did these.

The drumstick bone is made of chocolate and the breading is cornflakes.
The peas, carrots and butter are made from starburst.
The gravy is actually caramel.

AND they tasted amazing.

I know.

I know!

I think she found her second calling.


  1. I saw a cooking show that did the mashed potatoes, peas and carrots and drumsticks cupcakes. They are SOO cute. I'm pretty sure I could never make mine look that cute.

    Do you recommend the book? I'm going to have to see if our library has it. I love young adult books.

  2. I always loved the food at book club meetings!!!

  3. so jealous...what i wouldn't give for a book club and cupcakes. ha! why is it ending? you gotta keep that going girls. those cupcakes were awesome...wowza!

  4. I love how this post has maybe 3 sentences about book club and the rest was about food. That's how our book club rolls baby! :)

  5. Those cupcakes are so clever! I wish I could find a book club in my area... Since my hunny is working the night shift, I have been trying to find things to keep me busy on the lonely evenings when I am kid-less. Book club is being added to my list! :)

  6. My book club is the highlight of my entire social life! Seriously...I absolutely love it....


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