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Monday, August 8, 2011

Break of Dawn, Laguna

I have to start off by giving a big Thank You! to Rachel for suggesting this 

After looking at their menu online and reading their amazing background story,
 we were eager to get in and try it,
 hoping (because we already liked them so much) that it would be busy.  
It was packed... and the food...

They did not disappoint.

Oddly enough, we have passed this restaurant a million times as it's by another one we frequent.

B ordered the Tongue and Tail.

Of course he did.  Right?

Picnik collage

The Tongue and Tail is a soup reminiscent of menudo with both oxtail and beef tongue.

He loved it and I have to say that the tongue was really fantastic.
It was much leaner than I remembered.

Picnik collage

I had the Mac and Cheese!

You know, it took everything in me to not order the benedict.

Bottom to top you have a basil tomato sauce
topped with mac and cheese (with not much cheese) and short ribs
topped with sicilian sausage
topped with bacon fried eggs
topped with cheese sauce (with more then enough cheese).

Heaven help me.

It was so delicious... and filling... and worth every bite.

Picnik collage

B also ordered the tempura fried eggs.

They were cooked perfectly with that runny yoke that he loves.

Lightly battered with tempura that wasn't at all greasy and drizzled with a slightly sweet tempura sauce.

This is just one of those restaurants that has you staring at the table next to you to see what they are eating.
Both tables next to us were taking pictures of their food with their cameras.

Whenever you get the chance, head in and try something new!

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