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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 Turkeys


Some of you think I do all this special fancy cooking for my boy.

Some of you think he gets gourmet dinners.

But really, in the evenings, when he's crawling around the floor, 
I just throw down a turkey leg or two and let him have at it.

Good parenting.


Maybe that's not exactly the truth.

But he was super curious about this giant turkey leg B and I were sharing.

So, B let him have a bite.


The thing barely touched his lips and he was already making this face.

Maybe next year Peanut, maybe next year.

For now we'll keep your sodium levels to a minimum.


  1. Oh gosh - love. these. pictures!!! So adorable. What a cutie! (Peanut, not the turkey leg. ;-)

  2. oh that is too funny! he was going for it. next year for sure:)

  3. Oh, Peanut you are so darn cute!

  4. So cute!!! Next year fried everything!!!


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