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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sweet potatoes, hand-smashed please.


I've been cutting all kinds of things into chunks to help get Peanut used to finger foods.

One of his favorites are sweet potatoes.

Picnik collage

He is very delicate with his foods as you can tell.


He rubs his face and tugs on his ears (he does this all the time, and yes, I've had his ears checked) 
and pats his head and by the end there isn't an orifice within reach that doesn't have food wedged in.

Let's not even talk about the carpet.  
Splat mat or not there is always some food in the carpet.
I loathe carpet.  Especially crappy apartment carpet.

Picnik collage

He occasionally eats some of it as well.

I'm pretty sure he had half a can a peas a couple days ago.

Today he couldn't get a particularly sticky piece of banana up,
 so he just leaned over and sucked it off the tray.

I would've done the same thing.


Eventually he tires of this nonsense and demands I release him from his sweet potato sentence.

It's a rough life.

P.S.   I promise tomorrow will not be another Peanut collage post :)


  1. Sweet potatoes all over the face or not, that is one cute baby.

  2. We love the Peanut blog ,,,he's so cute!!!

  3. oh you have to give him a bath after each meal or what? geesh! if only he wasn't so stinkin' adorable:)

  4. I love the no-hands eating off the tray part! and you can do as many Peanut collage posts as you want--there will be no argument here.


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