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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gina's shower and baby Ivy


You see, when you lag on your posting you end up with both the shower and the baby in the same post!

What is it about baby feet, baby toes and even that little bit of baby peely-ness that gets me every time?

Picnik collage

Last month we all gathered together to celebrate the upcoming birth of her second baby girl.

The decorations were perfect with pink flowers and owl accents.

Picnik collage

I took my owl home, you know how I love owls.

We had dinner outside and enjoyed the southern California night.

Picnik collage

The food was all fantastic and I had more then I should have.  But I think I say that everytime.

I have to find out the recipe for that watermelon salad.  
It had feta and mint and it was so refreshing!

Picnik collage

I love these cupcakes.  I love the papers, the owls and the decorated stand.

It's all those little details that really make everything stand out.


And this is the lovely Gina.
Do I not have the prettiest pregnant friends ever?

I know, she is totally adorable.

Picnik collage

On Friday I went over to Gina's to meet little Miss Ivy who was born just 12 days earlier.

Oh baby fever.


Holding her made me feel like it's been forever since Peanut was this small.

Despite the fact that Ivy was actually 8 lbs 9 oz when she was born, which isn't that small at all.

I'm not sure how Gina, who is barely larger than that, gave birth to her.

Ivy's skin is so soft and her little froggy legs are pulled up tight.

That girl is a squeaker, making little noises as she sleeps.

Picnik collage

She is just so sweet I wanted to take her home.

Congratulations mommy Gina, baby Ivy is gorgeous!

PS.  I love her name.  I have a thing for nature names.


  1. What a sweetie...! She is beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful baby. How sweet! I have a thing for baby toes, too. I photograph them constantly. I'm not sure why except they are so darn cute!

  3. I love owls too. She was gorgeous pregnant...just like you were. That was never me. Thanks for the wee baby fix.

  4. I agree with Becky... I never looked that cute. I can't wait to throw a baby shower... I hope I get to throw one for someone here soon!!!

  5. sweetly angelic!!

  6. "I'm not sure how Gina, who is barely larger than that, gave birth to her."
    You make me laugh so. :) I love your descriptions.

  7. I love all the little details too! I just went to a bridal shower and they had the most adorable details everywhere.

    Love that name, that's so sweet. Am I detecting the possibility of a sibling for Peanut in the not so distant future?


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