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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OC Fish and Chips, Orange

If you know B or have read my posts about him, then you probably know that he loves anything fried.

He especially loves fried clams because it seems that hardly anybody sells them.

The fact that fried clams were on the menu was the reason that we went to OC Fish and Chips.

They have a simple menu of various fried seafood along with some chicken as well.

Now here are some cons... and I don't usually even do a blog post on restaurants with a list of cons...

Despite the amount of room in the place, there are only 4 1/2 tables.  
They did put some love seats out in front of the TV.  I have no idea why.
Perhaps because the service is a bit on the slow side?
I didn't understand the layout at all.

The restaurant has 1 highchair.

Yup.  ONE.  And it was taken, so Peanut was on our laps.

Have you tried eating a fish sandwich while holding an octopus of a child?

Oh and the kid in the highchair made an insane mess that never got cleaned off the floor b/c I'm pretty sure the couple people working were just in over their heads with the orders.

Why did I do a post on a restaurant with list of cons?

Because of this fish sandwich, that's why.

The toasted bun had a nice crunch on the outside and was light and soft on the inside.
The sandwich has both a tartar-like spread and cole slaw and the fish was fresh, with a perfect batter.

I inhaled this sandwich.

I want another one right now.

When B reached over to pick it up, he almost got his hand bitten.

The thing is, when we go out to eat we usually aren't in any kind of a rush.
Especially if we are trying some place new AND said place hasn't been open long.

Eventually we got a table and highchair and settled just as our food was ready.

The food is cheap and good.

We also got fried zucchini, hush puppies, clams and mushrooms.

B liked all of it.

Plus, they have a fair food dessert menu :)

We didn't try any but I know for a fact that fried snickers are delicious.

All in all, I'd go back just for the sandwich.

But I'd bring in the stroller and I wouldn't go in right at lunch time.

What is your favorite fried food?


  1. You had me at Fried Fish sandwich. That happens to be my favorite. Well that and deep fried calamari. And hush puppies. And deep fried catfish......

  2. Peanut is so cute!!! Love fried clams ,,,always get them when i go back to NH!!!

  3. that first pictture was hilarious. they look so excited for the fried food!

  4. Oh, I love a good fried fish sandwich, this is making me drool! Love the peanut pic, I think he wants a bite of that!

  5. I'd like to try those fried pickle chips..they're a dessert? Anyway, I bet they're good!

  6. Wait- a friend snickerdoodle? REally? I can't quite imagine what that might taste like, but I do know that I'm a fan of fried fish... yumm! If I was letting myself eat anything but juice and water for the next two days (slight exaggeration of course) I would go make myself that very sandwich. But I've got to make it through a wedding in a bridesmaid dress with a malfunctioning zipper and the last thing Mama needs is a fried anything... sad.


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