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Monday, July 18, 2011

Little Snaggletooth


Little Peanut or Big Moose, depending on the moment,
 has been growing teeth like you wouldn't believe lately.  

The first 2 teeth came in at the end of April and beginning of May, 
and the 3rd tooth came in the middle of June.

Then we sort of hit a stand still, where he had 3 odd teeth (well 2 normal and one very odd)
and I wondered when the next one would come in.

But in the past 7 days he has gotten 3 more teeth.
Oh boy, he really hasn't been that cranky,
but he's up every 2-3 hours all night.


The weird part of this whole teething business is the order in which Peanut has been getting his teeth.

The diagram on the left shows the average baby mouth and the way teeth normally erupt.

They usually come in pairs, starting with the bottom and then moving to the top.

Usually.  But you know how that goes.


This diagram shows how my little Moose is growing his teeth.

When his third tooth popped up, I was really surprised it was on the bottom.

I kept checking for the other half of the pair to come in.

It was weeks and weeks before we had any activity and it ended up being the top right side.

I wondered if he would grow all the teeth on the right side of his mouth first.

We just keep on getting more surprises!

his new funny face

I can't wait until they are really prominent and all at varying lengths
so we get a better snaggletooth visual :)

It appears that the next 2 will be coming in this week,
I can see them under the gums but can't feel anything yet.

This growing teeth thing is some serious business.


  1. I am pleased as punch to know that his new funny face was directed at ME! ME ME ME ME!

    Teehee. It was great getting together with ya'll!

  2. But he's the cutest little snaggletooth there ever was! Love that last pic, toooooo cute!

  3. I love when you post pics of that child of yours. :) Yeah teething was rough, but they get through it. Glad to know it isn't throwing him off *too* much!

  4. Good Luck to both of you with the new teeth coming in! He's so cute!!!

  5. Dawn, he is so darn cute, I love the last picture of his new funny face. He is growing so quickly, I love your blog!!

  6. ugh! Sorry you haven't been getting much sleep. Hopefully he'll just keep getting them back to back and be done with it.
    Love the new funny face!

  7. Okay Dawn, we are so friends for LIFE! FOR LIFE I tell you!! The fact that you used the term snaggle tooth... I used it once, in reference to myself before braces, and I was talking to my doctor... I thought he was going to fall off hir chair he was laughing so hard.. apparently "snaggletooth" is a derrogatory term that he and his buddies used when he lived up in Alaska- I assume in reference to unattractive women... I have no idea, I just sat and watched him laugh for about ten minutes. I love that I'm not the ONLY one who uses that term innocently!! LOL

  8. This serious business takes a turn for the worse when he learns what he can do with those teeth!

  9. Yeah, Jake's tooth entry was (and still is) random. I guess whats most surprising is that his back molar was probably his 4th or 5th tooth in (and its GIANT!!!). WHAT? its never ending and so sad...HA!


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