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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Play date


A great part about having a baby is increased opportunity to spend time with other adorable babies!

This cutie patootie was born 7 months before Peanut and his mommy has been giving me car loads of things as he grows out of them. I mean loads! Clothes, carriers, swings.... a lemur costume. Seriously. I have a small collection of costumes to dress Peanut in randomly throughout the year.

Anyway, you totally want to squeeze his cheeks and fluff his hair. Admit it.

Those big eyes just draw you in.


Another munchkin you just want to squeeze.

Adorable and very fashionable!


So many cute little boys around these days!


Isn't it amazing that of all the toys available it's things like this that kids always want to play with?


Not to be outdone by the boys is this little angel. Doesn't she look like a little angel with the sun shining in her hair and those big cherub eyes?

You would be convinced if you heard her speak, so soft and sweet like a little princess. Really, its that sweet.

I'd like to remember these times when they are all wreaking havoc in a 10 years.


  1. Oh MY she IS gorgeous! Im afraid (if my boys are anything to go by) the wreaking havoc isnt quite ten years off... :-)

    And why on EARTH would we want to play with toys Mum when there are all these other cool things like empty bottles and car keys about!

  2. How fun!! Beautiful babies!

  3. All adorable!! I soooo miss those days. You just can't get enough squeezes in to last a lifetime!

  4. oh the good ole' days of playdates. i remember those! good times:)

  5. Thanks for the great pics of the boys!! Yes, I do want to squeeze that kids cheeks and fluff his hair. I wish he was mine. Oh wait! He is!! Ha! Always love your photos, Dawn!! PS: Gnome onesie coming soon..very soon to a Peanut near you!

  6. All of those little cuties are so sweet. What a fun day!


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