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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duke loves Peanut


On Christmas Eve day I stopped by the bike shop to visit B. At the door I was greeted by Duke.


Duke is by far the most adorable puggle I have ever met and one of the sweetest dogs in the world.

I was sitting on this chair with Peanut and Duke was at my feet looking up with those big brown eyes. I scooted over and patted the seat next to me and he jumped up to make himself comfortable.


Apparently Duke loves babies.


The sweetest thing ever. I think everyone was happy here :)

PS Who has a cure for puffy dark exhausted looking eyes?


  1. What great pics! We just watched a show tonight about Puggles! Cute!
    Love your blog.


  2. A smile cures the eye problem by overshadowing. You are adorable and so are Peanut and puggle.

  3. Awwww.. more sweetness :) We met a cute puggle last year. The owners told us a real benefit of their breed is they don't have the 'snorty' problems that pugs do. {welll, *i* thought that was interesting.. lol} Duke looks like a real sweetheart! -Tammy

  4. I love how he's comfortable with laying his chin on Peanut. Cute pictures.

  5. Oh be still my beating heart. How cute is that!

  6. Aww, that was so sweet!! :)

    Oh, and once you find out the cure to that, let me know, too!

  7. Oh ,,,that's so cute with you, little B and puggle!!! As for the cure ,,,you'll have to ask Aunt Mina! I'm sure she has a remedy! luvuallbye

  8. The cure? Enough sleep. Which will happen about 5 years from now. lol
    What sweet photos!

  9. That is adorable!!! The thing I found as a great cure is a roller ball anti puff eye cream from Loreal- Garnier? I can't exactly remember, but it is in the grocery store so I can afford it! Ha! It's bright green. It's like a little cooling miracle first thing in the morning.

  10. There is nothing more precious that a sweet pooch being all loving for a baby! Our little terrier is amazing with our boys! A cure for puffy eyes... four dessert spoons and a glass of ice water! Pop the spoons into the water to chill them, take out one "pair", dry (the outy rounded convex bit) back of the spoon (normally on my shirt, or the duvet, or what every is closest!)and press them lightly onto your eyes. When they start to warm, take the cold "pair" out and put the warm ones in. Rinse, repeat! Im not sure that is helps the darkness (but can anything other than sleep?) but is certainly feels AMAZING and reduces puffiness, dryness and itchiness. Sorry for the rambling - not sure if im even making sense! x

  11. awwww! I really hope my dog is like this when we have a baby.
    for puffy eyes I've done the cold spoons and also cold teabags. The ones with caffeine work best!

  12. girl you are drop dead gorgeous...don't worry about those eyes! love seeing you in the mama role...perfect fit:)

  13. Oh my gosh, that is so precious.

  14. Such a sweet Picture!! Oh, and sleep is the cure---unfortunately!! I'm sure someone at a make up counter can sell you some amazingly expensive "cure" though!!! You look fabulous, dawn!!!

  15. The cure will come in a couple of months--it's called sleep, do you remember that? It's this thing you do (uninterupted at it's best) where you lay down, close your eyes and drift off to a lovely, lovely place. :o) Sleep is in your future, I promise!! Your near future even. You'll wean him off night time feedings and he'll sleep through the night and all will be as it should be. :o) ♥

  16. Boys and dogs are just meant to go together! You look wonderful my dear...and Peanut!! Cute as a bug!

  17. What a cute dog... and a Ca-UUUTE baby!!

    BTW, the only cure for circles/bags under your eyes is to go back in time. lol. Let me know when you find that in stores. You look beautiful, new mommy.


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