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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free Time

Laundry time- this load looks clean!

Peanut is staying at my parents tonight and we are having some lovely mommy and daddy time.

Seriously, typing that was really weird. Using mommy and daddy to refer to B and I is still a little bizarre.

The bathroom smells like his bubble bath and it makes me miss him.


It's funny how things change. We have a free night so the master plan was to go to dinner early and then go home and read/play online/listen to music.

If we're really motivated we'll get up tomorrow morning and clean the apartment.

Party animals, I tell ya.


  1. How nice that you and B can have some "parent time" together. I remember those days....waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the past.

  2. That Peanut looks just like B. I can't get over it:) It is just like my hubby and son.

    Have a good week with the baby.

  3. Hope you get to sleep in! He is so cute!!! luvuallbye

  4. Oh my goodness he's a doll. Seriously do you just stare at him all the time!!! So important to have alone time with your Honey. Good for you. love the mesh panties on your sidebar...yikes. I had forgotten about those;)

  5. Oh my gosh, he is soooooo cute!!

    And enjoy your quiet time! It's such a huge blessing to have family around!

  6. A) He is so precious!! B) Whenever we have a night without the midge we always miss him & then are simultaneously in awe of how much faster we can get out of the house and wonder what we did before him?! :)

  7. Well done for at least planning a night out! I'd probably sleep. No, actually. Levi just went to school for the first time ever today, and asher is sleeping. Im using my free time to blog - I havnt managed for days! Hope you enjoy your time out - I wish we had family closer!!!! x

  8. That's so nice that you two get some R&R time. I hope you enjoy your Mommy and Daddy time together. :-) I'm still getting used to calling Match my husband, I definitely think it'd take awhile to get used to being referred to as Mommy and Daddy!

  9. Haha, sooo true! I'm more than ready to get out on a date night. Q was 18 months old before we had a night alone, and sister refuses a bottle so it may be another long while. ;) But...we gladly send Q to his Mim's, and then, only having one kid is a breeze. Ha!

  10. We have the same laundry basket!

  11. I love that stripey onesy so much it kind of itches a little. :)

    Hey did he like his little ribbony-sun-smileyface-thingy? He's probably too little to enjoy it much yet, but it's washable if he wants to drool on it hahaha


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