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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My kind of roses in Rotorua, Mac's Steakhouse


I think from now on I want B to bring me these kind of roses for Valetines. Roses of the bacon nature.

But we'll get back to that shortly. Lets talk about the drive from Waitomo to Rotorua.


A word to my fellow travelers. When you get a rental car with a GPS and you aren't driving a vehicle with 4 wheel drive.... please make sure that you change the GPS setting to easiest instead of fastest or shortest.

Because you might end up on a quaint little side street like this.


But your quaint little side street may turn into a dirt road.

And your dirt road may turn into a 4WD obstacle course. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy holding my breathe and praying. But I will say that there were hole large enough to lose me in.

Have you been on the Indiana Jones ride? It was like that. Only we were in a Toyota Corolla hatchback with 4 inches of clearance under the car.


This is just from the dust being kicked up behind us.


We had to stop here because there was a loud scary noise coming from under our car. To be honest I'm surprised we didn't leave half of the engine on that dirt road.

The cow wants to know if we can stop all the racket.


When we finally got to Rotorua we found this piece of heaven. Its called Eat Streat and we could've dined there forever.


We ended up at Mac's Steak House. Here is the Scallop Appetizer with corn fritters and a coconut curry cream sauce.


All of the scallops here have this orange part. What is that? It has the same texture as the scallop. The scallops were sweet and tender.


Back to my bacon roses. Here we have the filet mignon with a garlic marinated portabello and a corn meal crust. Did I mention the light layer of melted blue cheese? Or the creamy potatoes?

Totally delicious.


B had the heart attack on a plate. What we have here is filet with fries with a fried egg with caramelized onions and creamed mushrooms.

If you can get past the artery clogging you really enjoy this dish. I love being on vacation.


We were ravenous after the black water rafting. Disclaimer: I have no make-up on and I've been crawling thru caves so please don't look at my face.

I told you not to look.

Did you just scroll back up?


My healthy salad had mayo on it. Straight mayo. I realize that most creamy dressings are mayo but I've never had unseasoned mayo on a salad.


This is a fancy way of serving ice cream.


The next morning B headed out for a bike ride with Planet Bike. Rotorua is known for the amazing mountain bike trails and he just couldn't miss out on the opportunity to ride them.


During his ride I napped in the sun. I figure he was getting enough exercise for both of us.

After his ride the man on the right fixed our car by zip-tying the panel and plastic wheel well


New Zealand's own Lemon and Paeroa (L & P). Paeroa is the town the water comes from and the soda tastes just like Bubble Up!


I'd been seeing people walking around with these papers everywhere.

I didn't realize they were packages of fried goodness.


NZ's version of fast food is fish and chips wrapped up to go. B ordered that plus scallops, mussels and sausages.

The man has a bottomless pit for a stomach.


Back on the lake I took in the gorgeous day.


It was calm and relaxing.


I'm trying to send you some New Zealand warmth.

Whats the temperature by you right now?


  1. Yeah, I scrolled up and you look amazing, almost as good as those fish and chips! ; )

    It's -19C this morning which translates to -2F. Darn cold, huh?

  2. Hi.

    Oh what a wonderful trip. And you looked gorgeous like you were really enjoying the vacation! :)

  3. -3 this morning. I could use a vacation in the sun. I'm so jealous of the white water rafting and biking! Sounds great.

  4. Your food looks so good. I could have eaten it all. YUM! It has been snowing here in Kentucky for a week. I haven't left the house. I am wishing I was on vacation in the warm sun somewhere:)

  5. Wow! What a drive that was! Hope the car was OK and you can still get around!
    The food looks so yummy ... especially the fish and chips (Simple tastes here!) ... and of course the ice cream!
    I bet B had a great ride ... but you and I would be out on the beach for sure!
    FYI ... -2!

  6. I'm hungry after that posting!
    It's 14 degrees now (11:22AM)in Mid Missouri, was -1 at 8:00 AM.
    Enjoy that honeymoon . . . like I have to tell you that!

  7. I want those kind of roses too, they look delicious!

  8. We're clocking in at a nice January day of 76F. Can't complain.

  9. Mmm bacon roses...i don't know, which ones to choose, considering that real roses photograph better, but probably don't taste as good :)
    1. Um, you look so gorgeous. Seriously, with a face like yours, don't you think make up is a little overkill?
    2. Mayo on the salads is the way Russians do it. Only, we have tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and onions in salads, instead of lettuce.
    3. My arteries are clogging just by looking at your posts. Thanks a lot


  10. I want a bacon rose too! And I did scroll up and look because you KNEW I would!! And PUH-leeze. You looked gorgeous, as you always do. :)

    Happy relaxing! And eating!

  11. That food looks delicious...and you look amazing!

  12. Oh my, that first picture along with your comment made me laugh out loud!
    I thought yesterday when I read about the sheep,"Wow! She has on a tank top!" It's so cold here, and I know it's colder other places, but it's Dallas! It's freezing. Literally. Brrr. I don't like to be cold.
    You look like you are having so much fun! I want a honeymoon!

  13. I totally scrolled back up and was like look like that after being in Glow Poop cave?! How do you maintain gorgeousness all the time?!

    I'm pretty sure it's against the laws of nature to get any arteries clogged while on vacation. Vacation food is exempt from that sort of thing. So enjoy with reckless abandon! :o)

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