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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Incredible Sky

Tranzalpine-Franz Josef 856

Today was a wonderful day. I met up with 4 of my lovely girlfriends for an afternoon out.

We went to see Cinderella performed by the Joffrey Ballet. It was beautiful. I wish you could have seen the faces of the little girls in the audience.

I saw that the Joffrey Ballet was performing and sent an evite to all my favorite gals. I wasn't sure who would be interested and thought it would be nice to go as a group. Amy I've known since kindergarten, Celeste since high school, April since we worked together a couple years ago and Adrienne I met when she photographed our engagement session and wedding.

I seriously love that I can get together with a random grouping of friends and they all get along fabulously.

Tranzalpine-Franz Josef 847

There really isn't anything like some time out with the girls.

But now I'm tired. More honeymoon posts soon (I am ~almost~ done. Maybe. Kinda) but for now just a few pictures of the incredible sky on a drive in New Zealand.


  1. There is nothing like girlfriends. I miss mine. And my mom.
    That is a truly gorgeous sky. Wow.

  2. Your life sounds so GLAMOROUS!!!!! What a brilliant treat! xx

  3. Beautiful sky! I'm with you--nothing like an afternoon or evening with the girls once in awhile!

  4. I bet the performance was wonderful, just as those clouds in NZ! I love how you see the beauty in everything!

  5. Gorgeous sky! I bet the ballet was really fun, I love the story of Cinderella. As for girlfriends, I wish I had some that were close (literally and figuratively!) but genuine ones are hard to come by in the middle of nowhere.

  6. Nothing like a day with friends. I'm off to have lunch with some of mine today...yippee:)

  7. I need to make a date with some of my friends. Time flies by so quickly and the ballet would be fabulous.

  8. Beautiful sky!! Always fun to hang out with friends..... I did just that on Saturday!

    PS. I have bald days too.....not BC but another C. (LMS)

    Cheers from one survivor to another...

  9. That really IS an incredible sky! I'm so glad you had a nice time with friends. I bet the ballet was awesome.

  10. Sounds like a great day, the ballet...swoon!!

  11. It is an incredible sky - it seems to swoop and soar. And a ballet performed under it would achieve perfection.

  12. time with the girls is one of the my fave things!!! :) glad you had such a great time!


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