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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Graveyard Book


I've been a fan of Neil Gaimon's books for quite some time. I would love to spend some time in that man's mind. Some of you may recognize him from the bestseller Coraline.

A quick thought on Coraline. Did you read the book or see the movie? I did. I read the book and wondered if it would terrify a child. I mean, the parents want her to sew buttons in her eyes. Sew buttons in her eyes for goodness sake. Thats kind of freaky. But I think maybe I'm the only child around here with the hyper-active imagination.


The Graveyard Book starts with a dark scene involving the murder of an entire family, with the exception of a toddler who leaves the house and heads up the street towards a cemetery. It is in this cemetery that Bod (who's full name is Nobody Owens) is raised.

The story is full of the multi-generational characters (ghosts) that raise Bod, as well as living characters and Silas who is neither alive nor dead. We follow Bod as he grows up and finds himself in a variety of situations and adventures. It is very much a coming-of-age story that draws many paralells to the process of leaving the safety of your home and heading into the great unknown. Gaiman references Kipling's The Jungle Book as a source of inspiration.


As always with Gaiman, the story is both sinister and uplifting. I thought the book was lovely and warm, despite the many suspenseful moments, with a few great life lessons thrown in. The Graveyard Book has won both the Hugo award and the Newberry Award.

Have you read it? What did you think?
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A quick note that has absolutely nothing to do with The Graveyard Book. My amazing and fantastic photographer Adrienne Gunde who did our awesome "Vintage Picnic" engagement shoot has been nominated for Poppytalk Awards. So please head on over and vote for them here!


  1. LOVED IT! :) It's been really popular at work too, lots of kids and adults checking it out.

  2. Can't say I've heard of it, but now you have me intrigued. They have it at the public library under Junior Fiction (I just checked!)... maybe I'll put a hold on it. :)

  3. I read it, and I loved it. It's stuck with me for ages.


  4. ugh, its like "the perfect embrace" I love that your still all manuevered around in such a way to be able to hold hands. I follow one of the girls that helped make the coraline movie, that book sounds awesome!!! I cannot wait to have time to read again!

  5. I follow one of the girls who helped make the coraline movie too! (reading Jana's comment)

    I saw it and it would have absolutely terrified my children. But then my children have highly overactive imaginations. And I have absolutely NO idea where they get THAT from! Sheesh. :)

  6. Love the Neil Gaiman. It started with Sandman for me many years ago, and then Coraline (the book first) and Mirror Mask (the movie)...

    Lex is a HYOOGE fan as well; I raised her right! :)

    We picked up The Graveyard Book after reading some short stories of his (Bod was featured); haven't quite gotten to it yet (it's in the trunk of my car because of course it is) but I think I'll take a crack at it!

  7. This is your first non-honeymoon post I think. Sadness. But I'm buoyed by an engagement photo. Thank you. :o)

  8. I'll have to check it out for my older grandkiddos. Your picnic pic is priceless!!!

    From the hills and hollers of the Ozarks, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  9. I did read it. And, believe it or not, didn't love it. It's only the second book of his I didn't adore. (I've read them all.) It was just TOO MUCH for me. The introduction was fabulously written. Too fabulous, actually. I think it would terrify even older kids. I guess my problem with it is that I read it as an teacher. I would never put that in my class library or read it to a child.

    As to Coraline, I loved it. It was creepy, but not scary in the same way. If you listen to it on tape it's even creepier. I would share that one with tweens, though. I tried to watch the movie, but I just wasn't interested. Odd, hunh?

    Hey, speaking of books - come see me, won't you?

  10. What a gorgeous engagement shot!!! I love it!

  11. Hmmm, this a children's book? It sounds as if it would give my kiddos nightmares then I'd have them all in my bed.


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