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Monday, January 4, 2010

Kelly Tarlton's Antartic Adventure


On our second day in NZ we headed just out of downtown Auckland to Kelly Tarlton's Antartic Encounter and Underwater World. We love aquariums and just can never pass up the opportunity to go, add on penguins and you've got me hooked.


Auckland is also called the city of sails as there are so many boats in the harbor. It was drizzly and grey that day (which I love) but not too cold.

I love the salty smell in the air. We headed into the aquarium which is entirely underground.


This is the 30 second challenge in which you stick your hand into the freezing water to see what those penguins swim around in.

I lasted about 7 seconds.


I love sea turtles. Even if this one looks a bit grumpy.


Part of Kelly Tarlton's involves this viewing tunnel. You stand on the right and its just moves you thru.

It was really interesting to be underneath the water.


Sharks were swimming overhead and they were playing music from Jaws, of course.


This beauty was quite enamored with its reflection. Incredible creature.


I got to see a few in Hawaii but I've never seen them so close before.


The sting rays are so mesmerizing. I love the way they move thru the water.


And then I started singing songs from Finding Nemo.


This picture makes me laugh for so many reasons. 1. B really doesn't care about being a big dork in front of a large group of people waiting their turn to get inside the sharks mouth. 2. Its such a touristy thing to do 3. Its a perfect example of awful picture taking...the darkness is my hand in front of the flash :)




Look! Its a penguin impersonating Gingerbread!


I want to have a penguin as a pet. Can they be any cuter?


These two were waddling around together. So sweet.


These two were waddling around together too.

The woman who took our picture just happened to be from LA.

So this is the only part of Kelly Tarlton's that isn't underground. Its pretty impressive as its a huge glass window/wall that is actually in the bay. Occasionally we would see fish swim up. B would have sat here for the rest of the afternoon.


Nom, nom, nom.


Hello Mr. Rockfish. He is totally trying to pretend that he isn't posing for the camera. But I can tell he is putting on his best tough guy look.


Eeeeek, eeeeeel! I want you to remember how creepy these things are when I tell you about our black water rafting.


This was labeled cray fish. Huge crayfish. That would make quite a cajun dinner.


After we headed out and back towards downtown. We had planned on picking up a bus but the timing didn't work out and we ended up walking a couple miles back.


We saw this church up on the hill. How sweet and quaint with the old cemetery behind it. I would have explored more but it was pretty far away.

I enjoyed the walk but B hates walking as he sees no reason to walk when you could be on a bike.


The first thing we did back in town was step in the nearest brewery.

I believe in positive reinforcement. One long walk and B gets beer. I really feel he is beyond the gold star and beer seems to work well.

I drank the girly boysenberry cider which was quite refreshing and apparently more alcohol then B's beer.


I love this place. The 3 friends bought this historic building and put together an amazing menu and beer list and out came Brew on Quay.

The rooms have so much character and upstairs is a roof top bar.


The menu is eclectic and fun and each and every menu item has a beer pairing. People forget that beer tasting can be just like wine tasting in that you can taste and smell many characteristics and everything can be paired with the perfect food to compliment it.

Above you see fries (or chips) with a homemade curry sauce. It was sweet and tangy with just a hint of heat. AND they get huge props because there was a drizzling of curry sauce throughout the entire serving and not just on the top. We'll be making this at home.


Love this very classy beer can art work.


Why am I showing you a picture of people crossing the street? Look again.

They are crossing at the diagonal! People are literally going in every direction. I have no idea which lights you can do this at but walking across on intersection at the diagonal struck me as odd.

I think I need to get out more. Coming up next is an afternoon in Waitomo!


  1. Amazing aquarium! What a great place to spend the day! I love it that B hams it up no matter what! Life is more fun that way!!
    What a lovely walk. From sea life to country. Again, I say ... Who knew NZ was so diverse and lovely?!!

  2. Wow! That aquarium was amazing. Thanks for letting live vicariously through your honeymoon. ;)

  3. I loved dude crush, he was like whoah, B is such a character, I cannot believe all the coolness you guys are seeing, cant wait for the next post.

  4. thanks for sharing your trip with us---I love learning about this country that I've honestly never thought of going to! And thanks for showing the food---that's always fun! have a great time~

  5. Dawn,

    I love the unique views and things you got to see and do in the aquarium. Love the penquin plunge. Not sure just how long I would have lasted. My best part is the window to the bay. What a great idea!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. awwww how fun!!! i'd love to go there one day.... and the 30 second challenge? i'd probably only last about 3 seconds. hahaha!

  7. How amazing to be in that underwater tube! The sea turtles are my favorite--so beautiful. I love penguins too! So funny that one was impersonating Gingerbread! Hee hee hee.
    B in the sharks mouth--the best ever!:o)

  8. The place looked great and looked like a lot of fun. I just couldn't do it being under the water. Something about feeling closed in would just make me nuts. Loved the church too. Have fun.

  9. Love the pictures in the aquarium...penguins are my thing, too! Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

  10. I would love to go to New Zealand! Wow-the penguins are adorable... your pictures are amazing!

    Sugar Gliders are native there!

  11. I absolutely love doing those silly touristy things. I think we all secretly do. Why else would there be so many silly tourists everywhere we go?

  12. Now that's some serious jay walking.

    Btw,after seeing those eels it's been confirmed. I'm out on the black water rafting.

  13. Coolest beer can artwork EVER! (Can you tell I'm checking the backlog?!)

    I'm so glad you two are having such an awesome time!


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