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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pier 39 in the morning


As I'm writing this I realize I'm going about this all backwards having not written about the amazing hotel we stayed at. But this is probably more realistic a story because I'm telling it completely out of order.

I do this to B all the time. I'll start somewhere in the middle and then remember a detail from the beginning and then add on why it ties into the end... which I haven't told him yet and then wonder why he can't follow what I'm saying. I mean, is he even paying attention to my story?


We took a taxi down to Pier 39 Sunday morning. I highly suggest going early as it was packed by the time we were leaving around 1:30 maybe? The shops were opening their doors and setting out their wares.


The air was crisp and cool with the scent of the ocean that I love so much. I love the way it clings to your hair. I love the way it feels damp and full of life.

I love the smell of the sea and.... wait... what is that I smell?


Do you remember the pretty picture of all the amazing fresh fruit I just showed you?
That was not what we had for breakfast.

Do you see the freshly made bits of fried dough rolling off this wonderful mechanism?


Fresh doughnuts coated in sugar. They were small. About 2 bites.

2 bites x 12 doughnuts = 4 happy ladies.


We strolled through the shops to the end of the pier and looked out at Alcatraz.

I made some purchases but they'll be given out as Christmas presents and will remain a secret.


To the left we watched the fog swirl around the Golden Gate Bridge.


Eat Chicken Nuggets! Its says so right here.


I believe they are on their way to Alcatraz. Its a very interesting tour.


Circling around the pier we can hear a VERY LOUD RAUCOUS!

Its the California Sea Lions.. .they are the celebrities of the pier.


Just look at the size of this man. Males can grow up to 850 lb and 7 feet long.


The ladies grow up to 300 lbs and 6 feet long (the dainty little things).

Just look at them all piled up and sleeping in the sun. Now is a good time to tell you its stinks here. This is not the smell of the ocean. This is cover your nose with your sleeve.

You cannot cover your nose with your sleeve and take 50 pictures of sea lions. Sacrifices must be made. Please eat your donuts before you come to this side of the pier.


Is that Sea Lion giving me the stink eye?

It is. Its totally glaring at me. When I took the picture I was thinking, Oh how cute! Its looking right at me!

I'm starting to feel like the evil paparazzi.


This was the best I could do but if you look closely you'll see this woman armed with a hose... and some very large sea lions off to the right.

She is very casually trying to spray them off her boat. Do you see the hint of a retreating mass behind the stairs?


We headed down the walk towards Fisherman's Warf and stopped to watch this street performer. Street performers are another part of the downtown area that never changes.

I've seen some of the same people for as long as I can remember.


This is a sneak preview of one of my favorite eats in San Fran.

(Its a Sourdough Bread Alligator!)


  1. When I saw that you had pics of the sea lions, I was thinking to myself, Is she going to mention the stink√Č And you did! :)

    ...and hmmmm, those doughnuts make me salivate!

    (Weird, but my keyboard does not let me make a question mark!)

  2. Ohhhhhh donuts! And here I have to go and eat my oatmeal now.

  3. Great pictures!! I want to do the Alcatraz tour. We didn't have time when we were in SF. I love the sea lions. (I can't smell them in pictures!!) Thanks for sharing your trip with us. (I don't care where you start your story!!)

  4. I like the non-working relaxo man in the yellow t shirt at the doughnut place! He's not even tryin to look like he's busy! Eat chicken nuggets.

  5. Yes those sea lions do stink! I remember that silver dude, did you ever see the bush guy who dresses up as a bush and then scares people walking by? I love Love LOVE that restaraunt with the sour dough alligator, you are making me miss San Francisco... going into withdrawals right now!

  6. That is such an awesome photo journal! The sea lions! The grapes! The... weird guy standing in the street flirting with death even as he emits awesome in actual, visible rays!

    And the sourdough alligator is the best thing ever, even though I really want to pull off bits of him, cover them in butter, and snarf.

  7. Oh how fun. Nice to live vicariously through you:)

  8. Love the pictures! And those doughnuts look so it lunchtime yet?

  9. I love all the uniqueness of Pier 39 and the people that find their way in and out of the goings on there. My favorite, clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowls. May just need to take a trip up there soon for just that very reason.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. I have never been to San Francisco but now I definitely want to go. I love the sea lions and their barking but the smell may be one reason why I pass. I can live vicariously through you, right?

    As for the sourdough bread...I'm over addicted to sourdough bread. I can see that I will come back looking like an Oompa Loompa!

  11. I was just there! This is bringing back such great memories of last week for me. You realize I'm going to say that on every one of your SF posts? A block of SF posts are coming from me soon too. I just love that city!!!
    PS WHY did I not see the sourdough alligator when I was there? Gross oversight on my part. Massive.

  12. Oh, I remember going whale watching off the coast of Santa Barbara back in 2003. There were sea lions in the marina, on the bouys, gallavanting around. I guess there weren't enough in high concentration to create the aroma you described (thank Heavens). For someone who lives on the East side of the country, seeing sea lions and whales took my breath away. I LOVED it!

    Alligator Sourdough Bread?! That's perfect! I should start making that here in Florida. It would sell like hot cakes during Florida Gator games!!

  13. Oh! We were at Pier 39! I was standing right where you were looking at those sea lions! I know that a zillion people have stood there, but I feel so connected to you through that PIER!
    I can't wait to find out about the sourdough alligator! LOVE any bread --- especially if it is sourdough alligator!
    Your mind and mine work exactly the same ... I am so ADHD sometimes!!!

  14. I love that so many of you have these SF memories!!

    Elle, we both missed the San Francisco food Blogher convention by days and Ive been seing SF posts all over!

  15. Ok, so... Thanks for this post! My husband is taking me to SanFran for my bday (in Dec.)and we've been looking at what to do while we're there. The funniest part of this is that in the picture of "Eat Chicken Nuggets" there is a heart right above that that says "Tony and Molly" and uh...hello... I'm Mollie (a little off in the spelling, but oh well...) and my hubby is Tony. It's like you knew. *Cue twilightzone music*

  16. Yay Mollie, I have a string of posts coming up on SF... email me if you need any ideas :)

    Alice the lazy guy in the background is perfect!

  17. Since I'm reading through these posts backward, it should make total sense! I was just going to ask in the last post if you had any of those awesome donuts at Fisherman's Wharf. Seriously, my stomach is growling out loud now.


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