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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Backyard Koi Pond


B's parents have this wonderful koi pond in their backyard. 


I love being able to hear the water from the room inside.  Its peaceful and calm.


I also love the lily pads and other fun plants that float in the pond.  Can you see the koi feeding in the middle?


The fish are getting bigger and bigger each time we visit. 


This is exciting because at one point a local racoon considered this quite a nice buffet.
But he was caught red-handed!


These 3 clear pictures came out of about 45 blurry ones.  Fish are so uncooperative.


I promise in the next few days I'll post another cancer story and another wedding update, I'm sure.

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway!

I'll leave you with this.... get it.. leave you... with this simple beauty.


  1. That first picture is gorgeous!

  2. woweee, can I borrow your camera?!

  3. Oh, I'd love a koi pond in my backyard --if I have a backyard, that is!

    Absolutely awesome last photo. :)

  4. Koi ponds are beautiful! I just don't want to be the one to maintain them. That last photo is incredible!!

  5. That koi pond is just beautiful, and the last photo..? I am just speechless. Thank you for sharing. I need a koi pond so badly. How relaxing! -Tammy

  6. What a pretty place to go and relax! My Pawpaw, who passed away due to lung cancer, had a koi pond. My Grandma wasn't able to keep it up after he was gone, so they had to sell the fish. Kinda sad, because it was his thing and he enjoyed it.

  7. I love koi ponds! Oh and that last photos is just beautiful!

    p.s. As my friends say..."you are so punny!" ;)

  8. Lovely. A nice way to start my day:)

  9. Those fish are amazingly beautiful. I want to swim with them! hha

  10. Oh, my... that is so pretty and serene. I'm lacking serene in my life due to a certain one year old, but that's ok...I'm sure I'll find it someday. Yes... I want, no I NEED more wedding updates, I'm a sucker for the wedding stuff!

  11. "Leave" you. Love it. LOL. As for koi? In the Midwest the freezing winters rather prohibit koi ponds. However as a kid we had goldfish in our cow tank. Dad had a homemade wood-burner heater that sat immersed in the water and kept the temp above freezing. The fish survived several winters. But a cow tank is not quite as esthetically pleasing as the koi pond! The photos were lovely. The sound of the water must be so soothing.

  12. Oh that is a beauty. Water leaf *sigh* I like B's parents already, Koi make me super happy...what a beautiful waterscape!

  13. ahhh.. that is beautiful! i'd love to have a koi pond in my future home! its just so.. peaceful. hehe! ;P

  14. Do you think B's parents would mind if an intruder (moi) came by just to enjoy the serenity of their koi pond? I promise I will just relax and not touch anything!

  15. That is a lovely little space. I'd love to just relax there and listen to the water.

  16. Totally gorgeous - that's in your parents back yard?! They would weep to see mine.

    *I* weep to see mine.

  17. I love the last photo!

  18. You are hiding another secret talent? You are an amazing photographer! These pictures just allow you to hear the water within them. They are that lifelike. Thank you so much for sharing them. How did you get the raccoon to stop?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  19. You are so punny!!!

    What a backyard B's parent must have!
    How relaxing!
    How inviting!

    And those fish!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT pictures, Dawn. All it takes really is one good one. Ruth said it yesterday ... Thank goodness for digital!

    Can't wait for your next blog!

  20. that last photo is AMAZING!!!

    Oh, and THANK YOU so much for the sweet birthday wishes!!

  21. Beautiful pictures, very peaceful!

  22. Oh, I Loooove that last photo. Great job! Can't wait to hear more about the wedding planning. I'm due to post one myself. :-)


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