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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Domino, The Book of Decorating


I decided earlier this year that design would no longer be something I consider from afar. Instead of thinking Hey, that would be really cute on someone else or I wish I could have a place that looked like that, I made the decision to incorporate style into my life.


Its really not as easy as it sounds. Or maybe it is and I'm just stuck at the beginning. I want to jump on in but I'm still trying to find my own style. There is a big world of design out there. I need style in my clothes, in my apartment and even on my blog.

In fact, my blog is a good representation of my current style. Blah and mass-produced. I meant the layout.. not the content! Anyway, the first thing I did was turn to one of my favorite magazines ever.... Domino. ~sniffle~ Domino unfortunately was a casualty of this sad economy.


We may not have the magazine around but we have this gem. Domino. The Book Of Decorating. I cannot tell you how many sites I've seen singing praises of this book!


The book is simple and to the point. I'm on the first chapter which helps guide you to find your style and incorporate that into your home. Its super easy to use, even for someone who has no idea what they are doing.


Although its full of pictures and fantastic ideas its so much more. Each chapter will help you find the right components for a beautifully designed space.


Did you notice all the little tabs I have sticking out? Yep, those are things I love. Those are fantastic ideas. There are so many.


I love the portion of the book dedicated to resources. They list stores, price levels and websites. You can use it for inspiration if nothing else.


With the encouragement of Farmgirl Paints I've started thinking of something, anything to make my blog prettier and more me.

So, a few questions for you...

1. If you could put a label on your style (or the style you aspire to have), what would it be?
2. How did you personalize your blog and/or find your background/ template/ header?



  1. Ohhhh, I don't know if my brain is working this early in the morning. But....

    1. How did I entirely miss the magazine "Domino"?
    2. My style is spare I would guess. I used a basic template and just did some basic stuff. But that said I have been thinking of a revamp if I can ever find the time. It would still be a "minimal" look I would think.

  2. I don't know if the magazine Wallpaper* is still around, but if it is, try to get hold of copies of it. It's one of the best "style" magazines around.

    My style? I'd say Eclectic. As far as my blog goes, I just play around with whatever I find (for free)... You'd be amazed at the amount of info you find if you type in "How to...."

    I'd love to do more with my blog, but I don't know exactly what (story of my life), but I'm perfectly fine with what I have FOR NOW.

  3. I haven't really thought about updating my blog other than an occasional change of the photo at the header. my personal appearance...OVCA has definitely improved my style. I used to be a blue jeans/t shirt girl and I say "girl" rather hesitantly, for if you remember, I am (was) a white-haired grandmother. So I've attempted to cover my bald pate with an assortment of pretty scarves and hats. The hats used to be part of my living room wall decor. And I'm getting kinda used to this "real lady" look instead of looking like an old worn-out blue jeans farm girl. I'm even beginning to wear my best blouses for everyday events. Who would figure I'd finally get some style before I reach 65. LOL. As for deco mags, I tend to clip articles that I like for future ref. They were really helpful when we remodeled our 1960s kitchen. Magazines are good. Yep, lotsa ideas therein.

  4. If you're asking about my decorating style...I would say "college student" know, the one where you collect junky, mismatched furniture from other people and try to decorate your apartment with it.

    my blog, well I wanted it to be simple, but pretty, so I stayed with a simple template but spruced up the header with my own photo. I don't really like it when blogs are too clogged up with graphics.

  5. 1) Currently, my style is cluttered eclectic. I'm speaking of my home right now. But I'm working on that :)
    2) I found the header in the backyard (barn). The background is a layered photoshop texture I think? Blog is personalized with quotes, verses, etc that I like (on any given day). And just pictures (you guessed it) around the farm.

    I do think the best place to look for inspiration is where you live - the neighborhood, your surroundings. That is a part of who you are!
    Have fun! -Tammy p.s. all my best books have many many post-its.

  6. My style is both early elementary and high school junior.
    No, really everything in my house is about function. I homeschool 2 of my children, so everything in my home ends up holding books, projects, stuff related to co-op, and even more school stuff. I do mean every surface. I just looked up at the "breakfast bar" that I included in the design of my house 3 years ago and saw tape, scissors, glue, pepper jelly (a homemade treat I set out for a friend so I won't forget to take it) piles of books, an empty cookie jar, and our beta fish.
    The furniture is comfortable and overstuffed leather with big arms for curling up and reading a good book. The lighting is designed for the same.

    We love it and call it home.

  7. I am still much in the same phase as you. I am awaiting the right timing and in finding the right header and layout that defines who I am and what my blog is about.

    Still on the lookout for something and I know it when I see it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. MAN!!! why dont we live near eachother!!!! I definitely have my own style it can cause problems when I find things that match and bring much! I am an eclectic french country retro kinda girl....basically old with nice lines or new that looks old....and above all nothing "matches" I dont have a set, of anything. I buy what I like along the way but I have learned its easier to change paint than accesories. so I always have nuetral decor and snazzy paint...Beige brown creme and black furniture pieces are all over my house and white ceramic accesories. I usually make my curtains to match my decor and add color there too...I buy fabric on sale and gleen inspiration from Vern Yip, that guy knows curtains. I love Domino!! and miss it so. We still have the magazines and I wont get rid of them. EVER. Rugs are super fun for adding color too, I have a rug addiction...its bad, I think I have one for every season, yes I have issues. Im going to hush now...shush girl....shush your lips....Oh sorry.

  9. I have no idea what my style is! Warm and cozy. I like clean and fresh looking houses but that's not me. My blog is me. I had a designer do it because I have Wordpress and don't know how to work it. I just talked and told her what I like and she came up with the design and I LOVE it.

  10. I, too am a beginner at incorporating style into myself, my home ... I'm not to the point of adding to my blog though (wayyy to intimidating).

    My mother says the reason I am so hesitant is that I'm a perfectionist. I want to be able to visualize the entire outcome before I dare buy a vase or shelf that I'm not yet sure where to put. So, the vase/shelf doesn't get purchased and my walls continue to run naked.

    This should be interesting to see how you approach it. Maybe you can coax me out of my overly anal(ytical) shell!

  11. I'm learning so much from you ladies.

    I'm starting by clipping pictures of what I like. As far as design inspiration I've been on a few blogs like Apartment Therapy (which does feature houses) and Design Sponge.

    Next will be how to do this on a budget... since we use all our money for food :)

  12. Aww, girl you got're classy! As for me I love comfort and eclectic. I also have a soft spot for modern amd retro. Currently I am sporting a zillion lego peiecs all over my floor for that lived in feeling! I just decided to do a header recently after I realized my blog was blah and since my sister is an artist I asked her if I could use her artwork. And shabby blogs has adorable free backgrounds. Thanks for the tip on Domino I love that it says guide to rooms that make you smile! Can't wait to see what your blog will transform into.

  13. Good Lord all the typos all over the place. Please ignore my poor spelling. Now off to go pick up all the legos for the hundredth time!

  14. Why have I never seen this?

    Also, you clearly ooze style. No magazine necessary. :)

  15. You are just a wealth of information, Dawn!

    Never heard of Domino before --- what planet do I live on!

    I'm looking it up right now --- although my DH might be putting a stop to any new ventures around here ... since we just finished redecorating our last room!

    Whatever you do -- post pics!

  16. 1. If you could put a label on your style (or the style you aspire to have), what would it be?

    WEll... I'm constantly changing things around here. I love the look of anything comfortable and broken in. Like my cowgirl boots. My personal style is classic, well made pieces that last, but are also mixed with trendy - just not overly so. I'm artistic, so I like to be unique while I'm at it.

    2. How did you personalize your blog and/or find your background/ template/ header?

    Hmmm... it took a while to figure out my "theme" if you will. I used to just call my blog Sasha's Heart, and then one day was having a conversation on the phone with a friend who knows me VERY well, and said something about making lemonade and organizing the lemons, and she laughed for about five minutes and said, "OH Sash... that is sooo you!" And the creative juices began from there...

    Good luck with this... we're all such works in progress aren't we? It's awesome.

  17. I had a designer make up a nice blog for me at first and I loved it -- lots of color and trims and punch. But, I've since gone back to just a basic template with a photo that I like. I enjoy writing on something plain and simple, like starting with a fresh sheet of paper each time I post.

    My style. . . after 25 years and three kids, it's kind of beachy, cottagy, country, all mixed up and mine.

  18. Oh man I wish I had style. I'm slowly collecting things for my apartment that fit my style. My boyfriend calls it "manish" because I like black furniture and I hate floral, ha. That book looks great, I would love to learn how to be more stylish. I'm with you, I always think, "that looks great on that person, or I love what they've done with their space, I wish I could do that."

    I actually had a friend design my blog header. Hopefully someone can do the same for you!

  19. 1. My style is "oh carp, I forgot to shower for the last 3 my pajamas stink?" HA!! But I know that I love jeans. I love boots that make me taller. I like old things, or things that just look old. I like things that look scrapbooky. I love cottagey, country-y things. I love nature-inspired looks, like vines, leaves, water.
    2. My blog background is free from and I used photoshop to customize the header.

    Your blog is so clean and sophisticated and I love it just the way it is, but I'll be excited to see any changes you come up with.

  20. If you get the chance--stop by my blog. There is a litte something for you on Easy Street today. Happy Thursday!


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