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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fisherman's Warf


Well, you got a little sneak preview yesterday.
As we walked down the street towards Fisherman's Warf
I could remember the many times I've taken this walk before.
I love San Francisco. Have I told you that?


I know you love it too. I know you love the sourdough bread.
We stopped in front of the window at the Boudin Bakery and chit chatted about nothing incriminating... thank God. Why? Because they can hear you, thats why!
She really startled me when she started speaking to us thru the speaker I didn't notice in the wall.


She can make all kinds of fun animals!
The raw dough in front of her are little turtles.


I know you love that alligator!
I don't know this couple but aren't they handsome? I did tell them they would be splashed all over the internet. They were totally OK with it.


Whats that up above? Why its baskets of bread that rotate overhead on some huge conveyor belt throughout the entire bakery.


This fantastic man assembled our bread bowls of goodness.


We started with the shrimp cocktail!


And the tomato soup......


Of course we had the clam chowder?! You didn't doubt me, did you?


~sigh~ I miss you already clam chowder.
I shall think of you when I struggle to button my pants.


My regret? I didn't save room for the crab.
You must get crab from one of these vendors and then park your butt on the curb and eat it.


Or you can walk down the street and eat it by the water.
But you can't have it in a restaurant. Its just not the same.


The Bush Man!!! He is as much a part of the area as the warf itself.
So this is how it works. You may not belive me from this angle, but noone sees this man hiding behind the bush, ahem, twigs, branches, whatever.
In fact 10 minutes after me telling the girls about him... he scared Tina.
As you are walking by he jumps out at you. Or actually he just says Aaah! and shakes the branches and you scream. Or jump. Or smack your friend for laughing.
I never see him but I've learned to look across the street occasionally as I walk.
If there is a crowd there I know the bush man is coming up.
Then I hang back and watch a friend embarass him/herself.
I'm a good friend like that.


I love these little boats. Here you'll find boats that will give 60-90 minute tours around the pier to Alcatraz and back.


These are new. Its a computer guided tour with a GPS system and audio as you drive.
If you are not used to city driving this might be more than you bargain for.


At the end of the street there is a small beach. The sand is soooo soft.


I stepped down to test the very cold water. I love walking along the beach.
I love the view over the ocean. But I have another view that will beat this.

This was the view looking back. When I turned around I lifted my camera and said "Smile" and this is what I got. I couldn't have posed them better if I tried.
The breeze came up and lifted their hair and they all smiled at once.
One day I'll edit the busy background out but even with the distractions they are still gorgeous.


  1. I should know not to read your posts before I have had breakfast! The pictures are gorgeous as usual and now I really need clam chowder in a bread bowl. I can have that for breakfast can't I?

  2. Oh me, oh my! I love me some of that clam chowder... now! Yum!

  3. The bread bowls of clam chowder--yes, I remember SF!! Deliciuos. Gorgeous friends, too. I love that shot!

  4. Oh all that yummy seafood and I am so jealous!

  5. Beautiful pics. I can smell the place:) The soup, the bread, the crabs...heaven. Love the last pic.

  6. Oh my goodness, bread turtles! I would love it there, I just know it. The bowl of clam chowder has me drooling and it's only 8:30.

  7. I love the final picture just the way it is!!! Gorgeous girls!!!

    I think those floating breads are cooling down.

    What a delightful blog you have!!! Wonderful pictures.
    My oldest son just moved to the East Bay.

  8. I love the Bush Man! He tried to get me but I just waggled my finger at him and laughed and said "I know about you! HAha!". And he laughed back. It's so weird how people don't see him. He's got a really clever gig there. And people love him! I saw person after person paying him for giving them such a good scare. Adorable!
    Those go cars are funny! I saw them for the first time last week. And everytime the GPS voice was calling out "YOU WENT THE WRONG WAY! YOU SHOULD HAVE TURNED LEFT. TURN AROUND." HA!! Reminds me of what Jeff was saying while I'm driving trying to get to our hotel on Union Sq. Sheesh, what's with no left turn EVER?!?!
    Lovin' these SF posts. Hope there's more to come?
    PS That last photo is priceless. Only thing woulda made it better? YOU in it! :o)

  9. What wonderful photography! The last pic, I just love it! I also love the middle girl's top, but alas, I don't think I have enough "top" to do it justice. *woe is me*.

    Love seeing the details of your fun trip.

  10. Oh this was plain torture this morning. Starting it off with freshly made sourdough bread, followed by mouth watering clam chowder and then steamed crabs. This is just cruel. Kill me now, but not before I have had the clam chowder in the bread bowl please.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Oh this was plain torture this morning. Starting it off with freshly made sourdough bread, followed by mouth watering clam chowder and then steamed crabs. This is just cruel. Kill me now, but not before I have had the clam chowder in the bread bowl please.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. I'm not sure who invented soup in a bread bowl. They were obviously a genius. I sing their praises right now.

  13. well, I'm drooling on my keyboard as we speak...oh my. Never been to San Fran - gonna have to put it on the list. GREAT PICS!

  14. OH wow that bread all looks so delicious. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be sure to follow along with you. :)

  15. This sounds like a wonderful day! I really like SF as well, those bread bowls are amazing!!! thank you for sharing and you are all Gorgeous!

  16. Between your pics and Ken Burns's PBS special, National Parks, I'm making reservations for SF and Yosemite and probably up the coast to Vancouver for next summer!

    The bread clinched it!!!!!

  17. Whoa! Those pictures make me want to hop on a plane and go for a visit. Gorgeous!

  18. Cool! Have never been to San Fran, would love to go sometime. However, we have family who lives in other parts of CA--Fresno, and Orange County and San Deigo and so when we go to CA, we visit them. I must have that food tho... hmmm...

  19. this is the coolest post!! for real!! sorry i have been un-commenting but I always catch up when I can! I got the papers and your absolutely HI-larious card, Ill have to give you an email update later on, hope all is going well!

  20. Okay! All your posts are making me deliriously hungry! And I LOVED the Bushman when I was in San Francisco - seriously, I could've stayed there and watched him for an hour because that is just my kind of humor - I love to see people get scared! And your friends are so cute and hip - they all look like they could be in a magazine. Now, I'm craving that chowder, and there is no way I'll be in San Francisco any time soon. Yum.

  21. Oh, I wish I had made it there last weekend. Looks so cool - esp. the bread!


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