Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peanut vs. the Christmas decorations


It's that time of year that flies by in record time.

It seemed that the festivities started early because of Peanut's birthday
and then Halloween and then...

all of a sudden Christmas was everywhere.

The day after Halloween I was at the grocery store and they were selling
Christmas ornament cookie kits in the bakery section.

Who on Earth is decorating cookie ornaments in the beginning of November?!

Hey, I love Christmas.

I listen to Christmas music during the year and watch Christmas movies in July
but I'd appreciate it if we could also enjoy Thanksgiving.



Why then, am I showing pictures of Christmas ornaments?

I'm putting together an etsy shop to sell some of these fantastic vintage/retro ornaments.

I've been meaning to do it forever.

Anyway, I bought Peanut this cute white Christmas tree
and I used it today to take pictures of some of the ornaments.

Oh man, Peanut loved the tree!
He wanted it so badly.

And now I'm starting to get nervous about how Christmas is going to go
and how I'm going to manage a Christmas tree
with my destructive, octopus of a child grabbing everything he can and
either eating it or throwing it over his shoulder.

I imagine him covered in glitter for the month of December.
I imagine broken ornaments.
I imagine the tree on the floor with my child underneath... probably having a great time.
I already know I can't put presents under the tree ahead of time
because there is nothing my child likes more than eating paper.

So any fun child vs. Christmas stories for me?

Any suggestions?


  1. I have to say that for a number of years, as long as we had a toddler, I would put the tree inside of a large playpen. The progeny could look but they couldn't reach it. And I also did not put ornaments on the lowest branches for a couple of years. We had strange looking trees but I wasn't dealing with eaten ornaments and a pulled over tree.

  2. I've used the playpen idea, too! It works great.

  3. We put our tree up on a big table when JJ was Peanut's age. It was awesome.

    You are doing an Etsy shop??!! That's even awesomer!! :)

  4. We used a paneled play yard around the tree.
    I also had to use it when we had a new kitten in the house!

  5. I don't really have any suggestions, just a prediction:

    Peanut - 10

    Ornaments - 0

    It's just the way it goes!



  6. I'd been looking through old posts... Peanut has grown so much! Adorable as ever and even more so now, I think. You and B are such doting parents. :)

    We've been pretty lucky with the tree and ornaments. The kids managed to contain themselves somehow or maybe they did get to some ornaments, but I really don't remember. Mommy brain, you know....


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