Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keeping the animal out


We've recently added a gate to the kitchen entrance. 

 Our oven gets really hot and since it's constantly on I was worried about the Peanut getting hurt.

Plus I like to be able to move around without someone pulling my pants down as he hoists himself up,
or dropping pots on my toes,
or eating remnants of garlic and onion skins off my spotless floor.

I can almost ignore the constant rattling of the bars and 
the fact that he reaches thru and empties the drawers nearest him.

  Picnik collage

In fact, I'm thinking about adding a chair, a laptop and maybe a sleeping bag into this 4 foot space.

Then we'd really be getting somewhere.

Would it be extreme to put one of these on the bathroom doors as well?
God forbid I pee without someone standing 6 inches away.

P.S.  If you look closely you'll notice that he has still managed to get some kind of paper in his mouth.  
Oh well, he'll survive.


  1. Oh the look on his face in picture #1 tells me that he is cranium is going at full capacity trying to figure a way around the obstacle.

  2. Dawn! PEANUT is supposed to go in the playpen, not YOU! But, whatever works:o) Gosh, he's so cute.

  3. So stinkin' cute.

  4. Haha, I love this! The paper in his mouth made me laugh out loud! Classic.

  5. we made this play area with multiple sets of gates that my son is always happy to be in....but once he gets a taste of the "outside" world, he scurries around like he's only got 10 secs to touch everything and anything in his path! these gates do help in lessening the worries that come with mobile kids.

  6. I love that he thoroughly enjoying himself!


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