Saturday, November 12, 2011

Butterbeer, Pumpkin Pasties and Knickerbocker Glory!

Picnik collage

It all started a couple days ago when Courtney said she was bummed she had to wait 
until her box set arrived in December before she could watch the last movie on DVD.

I told her we were getting it and she could come over.

Then there was talk of Butterbeer and the next thing you know, 
we're having a Harry Potter party.

See that wand?
That's Severus Snape's wand and it's pretty awesome.

Courtney got it as a gift this past week,
directly from Ollivander's Wand Shop.

If you aren't aware, that;s in Orlando at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
I want to go!

Anyway, the wand really has a weight to it, I was really impressed.


Can I just say that the Butterbeer was delicious?

We used this recipe and it was just what we pictured it to be like!

The nice beer-like foam you see in the first photos is because there was a bit of whipped cream
in the glass when we refilled it.  So theres your trick to make the perfect butterbeer.

I also made this artichoke bread (and did not get a picture) and it was a hit.
I found that I would have liked a bit more filling to get it to look like the picture.
Tons of possibilities for that appetizer.  Try it.

Picnik collage

Courtney went to the library and picked up the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook
for some recipes.

The book is pretty awesome with some serious recipes like salmon and steak and kidney pie.
The dessert section looks fantastic.

My only complaint is that there aren't any pictures.  
I may have to get the book and recreate some dishes.

Courtney's Pumpkin Pasties are incredible.
They have all the elements of a pumpkin pie and you just can't go wrong with that.

Did you notice the lightning bolts on top?
I love details like that.

Anyway, I'm having a pumpkin pastie with tea for breakfast.
If only it were off the trolley on the Hogwarts Express.

Picnik collage

At the end of the movie we wrapped it up with Knickerbocker Glory!

It's layers of vanilla bean ice cream, jello, raspberries, blueberries, 
homemade custard, and freshly whipped cream.

I loved all of it.
Why don't I eat jello more often?  I love jello.


We had a really great time and I only cried a minimal amount.

That movie really gets me.

I know, we're nerds.

Any Harry Potter fans out there?


  1. L.O.V.E! We watched HP last night too! I think this is the most tear jerking one of the series- Snapes story near the end kills me EVERY time! I thought that part was done fantastically and followed the book really closely- makes the audience really fall in love with Snape!

  2. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I would have love love loved doing all that. I've always wanted to try the butterbeer. I didn't realize there was a cookbook, yum! JK's descriptions of the food always make my mouth water.

    I bawled when I watched the last HP. Both times I saw it in theaters :-)

  3. I loved this! Thanks for sharing :)


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