Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let Him Eat Cake

I'm dying to show you pictures from Peanut's birthday party but iPhoto is not cooperating with me.

Until then I have a little slideshow of the past 12 months and a little video of some cake eating!

No, I didn't make him a special healthy cake.  It's a box cake with buttercream frosting.  

But I knew he wouldn't eat much, he mostly just likes to squish things in his hands.

It's so squishy!


  1. I feel like I'm being squished!!!

    He was so cute. Didn't like the cake, but seemed to love the Oreos.

  2. this made me teary. did you listen to this video...really listen?? hearing the love from all those close to you was magical.

  3. He is just darling....

    You can see how much he hates being the center of attention...lol...

  4. How fun! I could hear Uncle Mike and Auntie Nanci, I mean, GungGung and PoPo (or whatever it is that Ryder calls them) in the background. And your mom too (Grandma? Abuelita?) Wish we could have been there. Happy birthday to Ryder!!


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