Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Cupcake Table


This year for Peanut's birthday we did a bunch of different Halloween themed cupcakes.

I just kept finding inspiration on Pinterest, didn't want to have 70 of the same ones,
and decided to just do a variety.

Picnik collage

Luckily I had tons of help.

My mom, mother-in-law and I spent a good portion of the day before
assembling cupcakes.

I didn't think about taking individual pictures but I'll take you thru them as we look at the table.


I have a thing for dessert display tables.

I do an annual Christmas cookie display for my parent's Christmas party and
there was the candy display at my wedding, done by Shawna Yamamoto.

Picnik collage

I did learn a few tips for the future.

Next time I'll put little labels out for everyone to dive in and take a treat.
I'll make sure to tell all the guests where everything is and to please eat the sweets.

Not a single one of the suckers and candies you see in the upper left corner were taken
because none wanted to ruin the display.


The same happened with the cupcakes.
I told people to dive in but I should have told people earlier as many left without dessert!


I ended up sending quite a bit home with a few people
and making a delivery the next morning for a friend to take cupcakes to a Halloween gathering.


My mom did these awesome candy dishes.

My friend Theresa even recognized them from a pin on pinterest.

They add such an awesome pop of color.


Now for the break down of cupcakes and what they are decorated with

Witches cupcakes: The hats are sugar cones painted with corn syrup and covered with sprinkles,
attached to a Fig Newton fruit thin as the brim with frosting.
The hair is licorice and the eyes are mm's with frosting dots.

Bat cupcakes:  The wings are the fruit thins cut in half, the bottom part brushed with corn syrup and dipped in sprinkles.  The face is a hershey's kiss and eyes are sprinkles.
The frosting should have been much more vibrant.

Frankenstein cupcakes: Humongous marshmallows brushed with corn syrup and rolled in sprinkles,
pretzels in his head and frosting for his eyes, mouth and hair.


Owl cupcakes:  So cute and easy!  Oreos (white side only) for the eyes, with mm's for the pupils and nose

Pumpkin Cupcakes: The orange frosting is used and then just rolled in sprinkles, the stem is a peanut butter filled pretzel and the creases were made with the side of a skewer.

The RIP cupcakes:  chocolate frosting rolled in crushed oreos for dirt, a milano cookie with RIP written in frosting and a pumpkin candy.  For a little added color I brushed the top of the tombstones with corn syrup and dipped in sprinkles.

After all this was done I then remembered I didn't have the cake ready.

Picnik collage

We gave Peanut the cake and he immediately went for the oreo eyes.

It's always fun to see how they react to the cake.

Picnik collage

I knew once he dove in he would really love squishing it in his hands.

You've seen how he squishes all his food in his hands.

Picnik collage

Birthday cake in mouth.  Finger in nose.

I wonder what next year will bring...


  1. Incredible details. Seriously. My boys loved the Frankenstein cupcakes.
    I was wondering what the Fruit Thins were. Off to buy some at the store!!

  2. LOVE those owls...beyond cute and so is he. Fabulous:)

  3. His smash cake was a winner! He looks so HAPPY! I can almost hear the squealing. :)

  4. There are so many great things here! I totally recognize that candy bowl from Pinterest, and it looks awesome here. The cupcakes are amazing and Peanut's face with his cake is priceless. Happy Birthday little one!


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