Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stroll thru the park


We've had absolutely gorgeous weather around here lately. Yesterday I took Peanut on an outing to the park. We went around 4 pm and it was still 78 degrees but there was a breeze and the shade was perfect.


We walked past the play area and I smiled to myself trying to imagine him running around.

Everything is new now. First time at the park, first time admiring the trees.

The last time I was here I was about 9 months pregnant. There was a little girl sitting by herself on the teeter totter. I watched B as he walked over and got on the other side. He had to control the whole thing which looked to be quite the workout. It's like doing a bunch of squats. Eventually he convinced me to get on her side which I'm sure didn't help at all.

Anyway, she was happy and it made me laugh. He doesn't think twice about things like that. He doesn't ever care about looking silly.


As we walked and I chatted with Peanut it was fun to see him look at our new surroundings. He was fascinated by the trees and the jingle of a dog's collar as it ran by.


We kept walking the path until he got tired and fell asleep. I sat on a bench and read a book while he napped.

It smelled like freshly cut grass... and spit up. Well, the park smelled like grass and I smelled like spit up. Still, it was nice regardless.


When was the last time you went for a nice walk? If you live in a snowy area do you still get outside to take it all in?


  1. His little Yawn face is just TOO precious! What an awesome day for a walk! I cant believe its so warm in January :)

    Before you know it Peanut will be running around that park - Levi started school for the first time yesterday and I feel like he should still be a tiny Peanut :)

    Our parks out in the country dont have such smooth paved paths and cut green grass - in the city they are a bit more like central park, but out here most of our parks are more like forests - full of dear, mud, and an off road pram required.

    The weather for today looks good, so maybe I'll go for a walk with mine and post some pics for you :)

  2. Before you know it, Peanut will be climbing those trees.
    We are suppose to get up to 6 inches of snow today/tonight. IF I walk tomorrow, I will let you know.

  3. was 6 degrees here yesterday. i drove home from my camera class....took me approx 30 minutes, and my a** was still frozen with the seat warmer on no less. so no walks going on here. it is somewhat comforting to know other people are having fun somewhere in the world;)

  4. It's cold and gray here, snow expected today. Not nearly as pretty as your park, but I still go for walks. It will be nice to see the green coming back in a couple months. I miss it!

  5. Great outing!!! So cute!!! luvuallbye

  6. It's warm(ish) here! In the 50's...and sunny (today at least). I love taking walks, although I don't get in as many as I should! I'm hoping when our little guy makes his appearance in 6 weeks I can do that more often. :)

  7. Totally drooling over the lush green grass! It's been in the 50's here, but it's fixing to snow/sleet in the next day or two. It's so doggone windy we can't enjoy the outdoors much yet. OH well, I'll just come visit these pictures again when I get the hankering to. ;) Adorable peanut!

  8. We've been enjoying the weather and the park, too. But, there's not so much relaxing on a bench and reading anymore.

  9. Beautiful park! Your blog entry reminds me I need to take a lunch break and take my pup for a stroll. It's been nice weather here but not nearly as warm as down in So Cal.
    I love that B doesn't care about looking silly. Match is the same way. He's such a goofball!

  10. That looks like a nice park and I'm sure little Peanut just took it all in. It's not snowy here at the moment but its in the forecast for the day and I prefer to take it all in from my living room window. It's way too cold!

  11. I think I will fly out from SnowLand and go with you on that stroll tomorrow! This morning we awoke to 6 degrees below zero. Shudder!

  12. Ah, looking good there mama. Here in Snowville, yes, we do go out, then we hurry back in. :)

  13. How lucky are we? This weather has been beautiful. Enjoy your quiet time with him.
    He will be running around that park in no time :)

  14. LOVE the little yawn. The last time I went for a walk was today, three miles, talking as fast as I could with a girlfriend, and trying to keep up with two hoodlums on bikes. I liked it better when they were stroller bound.

    I didn't have to walk as fast.

  15. For some reason you came to my mind today and I had to check in and see how you lil' one was doing!!


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