Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mystery Gift #2: Sticky Toffee Cake


We received this cake in the mail... and this one didn't have a note either!

I've never even heard of sticky toffee cake before this but let me just say right now that a Christmas will not go by without it.

I will dream about this cake. It is insanely good.


Basically you get a cake (that we had frozen) and you pour an entire jar of toffee sauce over and then you bake it.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. I mean, there way a huge pool of toffee sauce sitting on top of this cake.


The cake just soaked up that sauce and created a soft, sticky, decadent piece of Christmas heaven.

I have no idea if this is traditionally eaten at Christmas but since we got it at Christmas it's a Christmas cake to me.

It comes from The English Pudding Co that sells product in select stores and also does online ordering.


I had every intention of going back and taking pictures worthy of it's decadence... but we ate the rest of the cake right out of the baking tin.

Can you just see the sticky love up there! That didn't come out right. Can you see how moist and delicious that looks?!

Seriously, go on to their site right now and see if they sell in a store near you. If they do then get your hiney to the store. If they don't I want you to think seriously about ordering one. It's so delicious.


I like my dessert with a side of Peanut, so here is some for you.


He adores his daddy.

Have you ever had sticky toffee cake?

Did you send us that sticky toffee cake?


  1. It looks delicious! Here's a recipe if you want to try it yourself:

    Tastes great with custard. Unfortunately Dave refuses anything with fruit and sticky toffee pudding has dates in so we never get to eat it! Xxx

  2. He is so happy ,,,and so cute!!! B and little B!!! luvuallbye

  3. I love the pics of the boys, Ryder is such a cutie!

  4. Mysterious!!! (and delicios looking)

  5. The cake looks delicious too. HA!

  6. The cake looks delicious. Baby laughs and smiles are one of the most wonderful things in the world!

  7. Oh, these pictures of Peanut and B are absolutely precious!

  8. Hi!! Dawn been along time. Iam glad you liked the Puddin I think I forgot the Xmas card.Thats my friend Simons company we used to work with each other. Hope evry thing is good tell Craig I said Hi!


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