Sunday, January 23, 2011

12 weeks


Our little man is 12 weeks old today. Can you believe it's been 12 weeks?


12 weeks and I'm still alive...and I've managed to keep the baby alive as well.

When we first brought him home I would have dreams where I drop the baby, or leave him somewhere or do something equally as stupid.

I don't worry about that so much anymore. I mean, he hardly even flinches when I hit his head as I'm pulling him out of his car seat.

Babies are durable, man.


I love this last picture because it makes me want to kiss his cheeks. Besides cropping this photo hasn't been edited at all. He was moving around and the blur adds a softness to the picture.

12 weeks ago we were counting down until Peanut arrived.

Actually by this time I was tweeting his arrival from the delivery room bed. Childbirth... blogger style.


  1. awh :) kissable cheeks for sure.

    good job staying alive and keeping peanut alive too...haha. major life accomplishment :)

  2. It goes WAY too fast - well done on surviving the most gruelling part - BOTH of you! And thank YOU for sharing him with us - blogger mama style :) x

  3. He's a sweetie pie! Sister turns 3 months old Wednesday, and it's innnsane!

  4. he's in such a cute stage. so cuddly and warm. 12 weeks flies by!

  5. He just looks so cute and squishy!
    For me, this is the time when it finally feels like everything is falling into a groove which is such a relief after the first couple of months. (And a little head trauma here and there only insures that he'll fit in with the rest of us when he's grown. Ha!)
    ☺ Celeste

  6. I'm terrified of dropping my future baby. Great job mama, he's perfect. :-)

  7. He's just growing so fast ,,,and is so cute!!! luvuallbye

  8. Twelve weeks of unbelievable cuteness? Are you sure you're not using Photoshop to make him cuter?

    He seriously looks like someone dumped him in a bucket of cute!

  9. 12 weeks yikes! He growing like a weed and so handsome.
    Hehehe! I remember those dreams of neglect. The dream I had the most was forgetting to feed my son. In my dream I would go days without feeding my baby. It was weird!
    Now my Ryder is 9years old long and skinny and he looks as though I did forget to feed

  10. I'm seriously in love with this dude. Just sayin' is all. : )

  11. Awwwwww... there's really no way to make this not sound creepy at all, but I really want to just nom his cheeks. Just totally slobber all over them and make him giggle - because I can just tell that he giggles constantly!

    Thank you so much for sharing him with us... I'm sorry I've been a-slackin'! I do read your posts... and props for continuing to do so! I can barely manage a post more than once a month (except for two this week...two! in one week!) and I didn't even just have a baby or anything.

    Love your way.

  12. Too cute. Don't blink- you'll miss something.

  13. Fat baby cheeks are so gloriously kissable! You're about to come into the easiest part of his young life. Enjoy it while it's easy.


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