Monday, January 3, 2011

Making our way to the Milford Sound, Part 1


A year ago B and I were running around Auckland and eating questionable dumplings. Although we can't go back there now (I wish we could) I've decided to go ahead and blog pieces of our vacation in hopes of re-living it!

In the last few days of our honeymoon I booked us a tour of the Milford Sound. I had really been looking forward to it but I had no idea how beautiful the bus ride would be on the way there.

It was early and we were driving in and out of fog. I loved the way the clouds descended on the mountains and trees around us.

We stopped in Te Anau and feasted on meat pies. Remember my love for meat pies? If you are ever in Te Anau make sure you stop at Miles Better Pies!

Make sure you tell them that Dawn sent you. Then take a picture of the blank, unrecognizing look on their faces.


Huge windows and a glass ceiling allowed us to take pictures of... well of every single thing we passed.

It's like something out of a movie. Even when you can't see it there is often the sound of running water. Through the fog we catch glimpses of waterfalls running down the mountain sides around us.


The color of the water in New Zealand is incredible.


Fresh, clean, pristine like the rest of the country.


This was the view thru the left side of the bus. The waterfall was so loud it sounded like we were driving right thru it.


Can you imagine having sights like this by the side of the road? I felt like we were constantly driving thru movie sets and postcard pictures.

I love the rushing water in front and the fog and waterfall in the background towards the top.


I was able to snap a picture of it as we drove around the curve.

I can almost smell the air when I look at this picture. I wonder how long this sight has remained the same and who has been by to see it.


  1. Landscape is just beautiful ,,,love the water color!!! luvuallbye

  2. Beautiful pictures! We visited Auckland in November but didn't make it to the South Island. It's hard not to take pictures 24/7 because everything is so pretty there.

  3. Those pics are amazing!
    I was in New Zealand for about 12 hours on a lay-over. It was beautiful. Even the water in the harbor was nice.
    I hope one day we can go back and spend more time there!

  4. Oh yay more pics of New Zealand. That was such a fun trip. I almost feel like I've been there. And when I do go...and I do hope it's soon...I'm getting one of those meat pies!!!

  5. I loved living vicariously through your NZ photos! :) And of course my necklace is still in heavy rotation.

  6. Oh goodie, going on vacation with you again!! I'm so happy to see more photos... and Hear all about it girlfriend!! :)


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