Friday, January 28, 2011

A binky and some duct tape


Peanut isn't all that attached to the binky but we almost always use it when it's time for bed or a nap. It's really fantastic as it works almost immediately. The binky goes in and the eyes begin to droop.

We also use it when we put him in the dreaded Torture Device otherwise known as The Car Seat.

Except Peanut hasn't mastered the art of keeping it in his mouth. He sucks for a while, gets distracted it falls out of his mouth. Or he is chewing on it. Or he has discovered his tongue and their just isn't room for both the tongue and the binky.

All of this would be fine if he didn't actually want you to hold the binky is his mouth for him. You could also just put it back every other minute if you like.

Over and over and over. Once he falls asleep or settles down and the binky falls out it's not an issue but until then...

I was thinking of using some kind of duct tape to secure it to his face.

Don't tell social services.


  1. HA!! Totally relate to the duct tape desire!

    All ours had dummies and it really wasn't as hard as people make out to get rid of them. Mikey at 11months, Dan at 14months and Jemima at about 10weeks. With Dan we knew we had to get rid of them when we were putting him to bed with four dummies so he could find one when he woke up and still we would end up needing to scramble round und his cot trying to find them in the middle of the night!

    They are magical! Xxx

  2. hahhahhahahahaa. I won't tell. :0

  3. Haha! That's a great idea. My husband wants to create some kind of tie that goes around their head. Hello?! Strangulation hazard, anyone???

  4. Ryder is so cute!!! luvuallbye

  5. I've had that very same thought. It was a big milestone for both of my kids when they were able to pick up their own paci and put it back in their mouth. I also switched to the lightest paci I could find so they had a better chance of keeping it in!

  6. Oh my word how cute!!! My Ava LOVED her binkie. SHe even had the binkie teeth- kind of curving outward a bit. It was so cute. (And yes, they moved back down into position when she stopped sucking on it, so totally don't worry. :)

    He's growing so FAST!

  7. Both my kids were binky babies 100%. My Ryder had his binky until his 2nd birthday and then we told him the binky monster game and took it and he dropped the subject completely. My Mazie on the other hand was a challenge to take away on her second birthday. She wasn't scared of any monsters so that didn't work, it took us a few months after her 2nd bday to finally get it away from her. My babes never had a hard time keeping it in their mouths, it was hard to get it
    Since I nursed both my babes, they wanted my boob to be their pacifier and Im too much of a busy body for that. The binky saved my sanity and theirs :)

  8. aw, I would never tell. Whatever works love! Hopefully the car seat will turn into a thing of joy one day for him! Or at least be what puts him to sleep.

  9. THIS is the nightmare that kept us awake at night. If I could have invented a strap that wouldn't strangle a baby and keep a pacey in their mouth I would have. Gold MINE!!

  10. Oh and you know what?? Big Chick slept in a car seat in her crib for at least 3 months. We had sneers and weird looks, but it worked. Whatever works do it and don't care what people think.

  11. If he doesn't want it, then he doesn't need it. Both my kids rejected them at 3 months or less. Saves you from having to get him off of it when he's older. I have a friend who's daughter had a binky until she's about 3 or 4 and her teeth were coming out all weird. Anyway, just my two cents =)

  12. Haha! I am a new follower and have a 3 month old! She kind of likes her binky but she really had to learn how to keep it in, and even now we wake up at least once a night just to put it back in. Also, Ellie HATES her carseat also! Your little man is SO cute!


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