Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mystery Gift #1: Zoe's Candy Cane's!


B & I received this awesome box of handcrafted candy canes by Zoe's Chocolate Company last month.. and it came without a note.


Before I get into that I'll throw in a few pictures of the Peanut from last month.


I call this one "Daddy dressed me."

If you can see past the pants tucked into the checkered socks (so that they stay on and keep him warm) you notice that his onesie is backwards. I understand that the buttons could throw him off but you would think he might have noticed that the bottom was snapping oddly.

Peanut didn't mind at all.


So we come home one day to find thi package on our doorstep with the cutest box inside! It's the 2010 limited edition package of all 3 of their artisanal candy canes.

The moment I saw the words handcrafted, artisanal and candy I was completely won over.


So fun, right?! The red and white is cinnamon, the red, white and green is peppermint and the red, white and blue is anise.

I also noticed that the bottom of the note says that they are collector's item if you can resist eating them. How could I not eat these? I thought that was really interesting.


I love the shape of these. The cute little hook on the top and the thick wedge on the bottom. So far I've only had the cinnamon but they flavor is fantastic and the texture different from your typical store-bought candy canes. They are less airy with a better snap than what I am used to. More solid perhaps.

As they are handmade no two candy canes are alike. Zoe's has been making these the same way for over one hundred years.


Now that I've been all over their website I'm determined to try their chocolates and/or caramels. I loved reading that Zoe is family owned and run and they are third generation chocolatiers. Stop by their site and check out the flavors they carry.

So, if you sent us these lovely candy canes please shoot me an email or leave a comment! It didn't come with a label and I'm dying to know where they came from.


  1. The onesie's on backwards ,,,and i love the pants tucked into the socks!!! lol luvuallbye

  2. LOL.. oh dear, he is so dang cute that I'm sure nobody noticed. He looked so much like B when he was first born, but I think that he is starting to look more like his mommy?

  3. Aw, peanut is so cute...even if his daddy dresses him funny. I always have to double check the kids after my hubby gets them ready.
    Those candy canes look amazing! Enjoy. What a sweet surprise.
    And as always, your pics are beautiful.

  4. Over the summer I sent my husband up to put a swimsuit on the baby girl (for pictures, not actual swimming) and he came back downstairs with a naked baby in one hand and a swimsuit in the other. "It's broken," he told me.

    Gotta love them for trying.

  5. aww what a sweet gift, literally! Little Peanut is looking great, backward pants and all.

  6. Oh my---what a great post! I always loved seeing what my girls came out in when daddy was in charge! And I MUST say---beautiful Bokeh in the candy cane photos----did you turned that in to PW's Christmas Bokeh contest! It's beautiful. I need to practice that some. Yours looks great!

  7. I remember coming home from work and the hubs had been home with our oldest. She must have been about 6 months old and he had her dressed in a newborn onesie on backwards...she looked like a stuffed sausage in a henley.

  8. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.


  9. great post as usual!



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