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About Me


Hello everyone!  My name is Dawn (or Dandy, as I tend to respond on the blogosphere)
 and I live in lovely Orange County, California.

I started this blog as a way to count my blessings and keep track of the chaos when my husband B and I were just engaged.

The term "spontaneous clapping" came from B because I tend to break into spontaneous applause a lot.
When I'm excited, when I'm loving my food, when I see a good commercial, when someone does something wonderful... tons of reasons I spontaneously clap throughout the day.

Bald head pix 002

I'm also a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at the age of 27, and in September I celebrated my very last oncology appointment after 5 plus years of treatment and follow up appointments!


Through this blog I've documented our wedding back in December 2009,
in which I brought my own camera so that I could post sooner.

Wanaka- 211

Our incredible honeymoon in New Zealand where I ate my weight in meat pies and gourmet restaurants and we travelled both islands doing things like

Tranzalpine-Franz Josef 319

Kayaking gorgeous humungous lakes one day and hiking a glacier a few days later.

Taupo-Christchurch 518

B and I both adore food (having met in the restaurant industry) and we love to eat.
You'll see a lot of food posts here.

In fact, I write a food blog called Eating the Orange for OC Metro.


59 days after the wedding we were pregnant!

Peanut was both planned AND a total and complete surprise, which you can read about here.

So for a while the blog was all about babies.
Have I lost you yet?


On Halloween 2010 Peanut arrived at 6:12 pm.

He was healthy, lovely and perfect and a very normal 7 1/2 lbs, 21 inches long. 
He hasn't stopped growing since, continually topping the charts in the 100% percentiles. 

As I am a meager 4'11" I suspect he'll be taller than me any day now.

He has a rather large noggin' which could account for the damaged hoo hoo and the prolonged use of mesh panties.  I suppose at this point I will agree it was all very worth it 
and I may just do it again someday.  


I've had a great time blogging about the very wonderful and very un-glamorous sides of motherhood.

The Peanut is now nearly 2 years old AND we just moved into our very first house.

I suspect there will be a lot of home posts coming soon!

Thanks for visiting me at Spontaneous Clapping!

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  1. Dear Spontaneous Clapping,
    This is a very nice fotolog. Thanks for sharing you experience with the world. Congrats on your beautiful family. May God bless you and your family.


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