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Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Gorilla and a Peanut's view of mommy

I picked up this book at the library without even flipping through it.
I was in a rush and was drawn to the cover illustration.

You can't tell because of the lighting but the pictures are bright, clear and vivid.
The author/illustrator uses watercolors and the result is amazing.

The book is called One Gorilla: A Counting Book by Anthony Browne

It starts as a simple counting book.

Simple in that it's a counting book, but I seriously didn't know the names of half these animals.

Peanut can now identify Macaques in a line-up of monkeys.

And then we get here and I start wondering if lemurs are monkeys.

But then John Mellencamp pops up and declares us all one big primate family!

This is a self-portrait of Anthony Browne, the author but does it remind anyone else of Mellencamp?

So here is where the book gets really fun.

We look at all the different people and ask Peanut which ones look most like our family.

The green circles are who I thought Peanut would pick for mommy and daddy.  

The blue arrows are the pictures that Peanut picked.
We all agreed on Peanut as the little Asian boy in the bottom right corner.
I thought the Asian man with glasses would be B but the one Peanut picked made sense also.

But who do you think Peanut picked for me??

Take a good look.

I know there isn't really a good match for me but I assumed
either a woman with dark hair or an Asian girl.

I was so very wrong.

Every. single. time. Peanut picks this lady.

Is it the red lipstick?  I do love red lipstick, although lets admit that the blue eyeshadow is overkill.

B tries to make me feel better by saying it's the big smile.

What is it about this lady that resembles me…
or have I looked like a blonde crackhead all these years and never even known it?


  1. It's definitely because you're always smiling! That person looks so happy and that's how Peanut sees tog :-D

  2. You* I definitely meant you not tog lol

  3. haha! ohhh Peanut! And, as I always say on my far too-infrequent visits to your blog.. my, how he's grown! I see I've missed out on a lot of news too.. will have to check back in more often :) -Tammy

  4. LOL! I love the way kids think. PS I want to see the bump! Show us, show us!!

  5. Oh, I'm snorting and cackling. You are SO FUNNY!

    I'm with B - it's the smile.

  6. Ahaha! I am quietly giggling myself into a frenzy while my husband is watching playoffs giving me the side-eye for giggling (almost hysterical) at the computer! Seriously- so funny... kids say the darndest things!


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