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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peanut's 2nd Birthday!


A few weeks have gone by and I still feel like this picture 
is an accurate portrayal of Peanut's 2nd Birthday.

It pretty much flew by in one big happy blur.


We did a Halloween costume party (which I will continue until he one day decides he wants a birthday that has nothing to do with Halloween) with an emphasis on monsters.

With the help of my craft slaves (thank you mom, dad and B) we created a "Monster Adoption Center" with  felt monster plushies, each unique and complete with adoption papers to be filled out by our guests!  Kids decorated gift bags to take their monster's home in.


And then monster Peanut chased Pirate Daniel through the backyard and into the house.

Can you see Pirate Daniel screaming?


We had a kids table set up with the awesome mummy juice boxes that my mom and dad created.

Actually, they did everything except for the cupcakes and the pulled pork.
So before you all start asking how I do it all, I'd like to put it on record that I don't.


And then Monster Peanut chased Pirate Daniel down the hall and back out into the backyard.


Mom put together a nice display of both creepy and cute treats.

Everything tasted amazing but some people were a little freaked out by the eyeballs and spiders.


I attempted to take a picture of the two of them together which was such a joke.

Boys!  Boys!  Pay attention!


This was a fluke but it totally made me laugh when I was sorting pictures.


The top right shows the adult food buffet but lets be honest, the kids always eat the adult food and vice versa.  B made some super fantastic pulled pork.

The dessert table was stocked with these unique and handcrafted monster cupcakes as well as suckers and cookies!  You know I love a good dessert table.


My favorite part by far is getting to see all the kids in their costumes!

Super Jake up top is in a homemade costume which I am super impressed with.


Baby Conner!  Remember my great-nephew that was born super early?

This is the same child, can you believe it?!


Time for cake which thankfully no one ate because seriously, how toxic does that frosting look?

Next year he either gets a homemade one or a large cupcake.

Then Evan had to jump on B's lap and practice for his birthday the following week.


Pirate Daniel and Peanut apparently found some treasure, dragged it to the other end of the backyard and dug in.

I see you two!!


This is soooo Peanut.

In the midst of everything, with all these kids clamoring to open his presents and see whats in the next box, Peanut is going to sit and very leisurely browse this book.

Love that kid.


Finally the big surprise.

Peanut's First Bike!!!

We got him a push bike and his little face lit up when he saw it.
He's still just a tad too small for it but he'll be perfect for it soon enough.

I don't know who was more excited... Peanut or daddy.


I don't have many pictures of me in them but I feel like this particular monster lantern shows exactly how I felt after the party.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, for joining in the party and for loving our Peanut so much.  It was a blast.

But seriously, don't ask me about next years party until at least September, OK?


  1. Everything looks delightful! I loved the chasing and screaming. The best photo for me was Peanut looking at a book with the other children around him! Happy Day and happy memories!

  2. Did you especially love getting to do this in your very own home? :) Hooray for porches! Great party, the tables looked fantastic as always, and yay for Sully costumes. :)

  3. Dawn, great post!!! Love all the pictures of Ryder's birthday! Marie

  4. Wow, that looked like it was super fun! My own birthday is November 1st. I love it because we party all day for Halloween and the fun just keeps on going for our little family. It's nice to get a two-fer isn't it? Sarah:)

  5. I love his costume so much! All the details of the party were wonderful, as always! I love that you can do a themed birthday every year, and the kids already have costumes. Its so perfect. That pic of peanut and the bike is precious!


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