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Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Fall Felt Tree Play Board


I'd been seeing all these awesome felt Christmas trees on Pinterest 
and it hit me that we could (and probably will) do something similar for all the seasons.

I don't have many fall decorations, I adore trees and
 I knew Peanut would like this so it's a win for everyone.


I took a yard of felt and held it up next to Peanut, took note of how high he could reach and cut the felt off there.  I couldn't find chalk anywhere so I sketched on the fabric with yellow highlighter.

I don't suggest it.  :)  It was hard to see and I kept drawing it over so in the end I just sort of ended cutting branches as I went.

The beauty of felt (and hot glue) is that you can do these in pieces if you need to, or you can add on if you want.  I had to do the tree in two pieces but you barely notice.


Of course, it can be as simple or as intricate as you want.  

After you have the base of the tree cut, position it on your large felt panel and hot glue it down.

I suggest starting from the bottom and working your way up and doing so by starting at the trunk and working your way to the tip of you branches, smoothing as you go.
This prevents wrinkles in your felt.


I glued a nice little knot hole over the seem in the middle.


If you can, try to time the project during a visit from your family so you can have everyone help cut your fall leaves out.

I printed a maple leaf template off the internet and drew a second smaller leaf.
My in-laws and niece cut out leaves in a variety of fall colors.


Ta da!

A fall felt play panel that is also a pretty decoration and will keep the Peanut busy while I get something truly worth while done... like read a book or pin more projects or eat chocolate.


He thinks it's especially hilarious when he tries to put a bunch up
and half of them go falling to the floor.

Only these fall leaves make a much nicer pile on the living room floor.


When fall is over you could roll it up and pack it away for next year
or you could set it aside and cut out some leaves in lovely greens and yellows for spring!

Shoot, you could even do snowflakes for winter and don't even get me started on other things like acorns, birds, owls, bats, spiders, webs, swings, blossoms.... oh the possibilities are endless for a variety of holidays and situations!


  1. I love this!! I plan on making a Christmas tree next year for piglet, but never thought of a fall tree. So pretty!
    I'm currently making felt animals (as I texted you, hehe) and I put Velcro in them, and plan to stick them to the nursery tree. When piglet is bigger we will put them lower so he or she can play with them. Love felt and all the cool projects you can make!

  2. I had a felt playboard as a kid. Wow, this brings back so many memories of playing with it. Peanut will get much enjoyment out of this. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you! Felt play boards never go out of style :)


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