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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Monster Cupcakes


You know how I feel about dessert tables
and I couldn't very well have a Monster Party without Monster Cupcakes!


I baked off 3 different types of cupcakes
and whipped up a bunch of buttercream frosting,
colored it with Wilton food coloring
and covered them in frosting.


My friend Kelly immediately started in on the decorating.

Before she came over I collected a bunch of candy as well as Wilton's candy eyes that my mom got from Michaels and I got from Target.

We had some pictures for inspiration as a jumping off point.


The monsters were bright and colorful and super fun to decorate.

I think the kids (and the adults) loved them.


We used things like marshmallows, sour strips, black frosting,
dum dums, m&ms, peach rings, chewy lifesavers, jelly fruit slices
and good 'n fruity candies for all the faces.


Some scissors, frosting and a lot of creativity and we had a whole mess of monsters!


I think these are most of them... every single one of them different of course.


  1. You are AMAZING! How do you do it all . . . and creative and fun too

  2. cute.cute.cute,cute, Dawn! I love them---I'm SURE he didn't appreciate them, but he will later when he sees all these pictures---creating some beautiful memories!!

  3. You could make this into a career! I would hire you! Love the creative monsters and how each one is different. Can't wait to see the rest of the party!

  4. those are crazy fun girl. you are such a fun little momma!

  5. Love the cupcakes! Where's Ryder in his costume??? lol Marie

  6. That is the cutest dessert table I've seen in a long time!


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