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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ta da!

Peanut- look at mommy!

We did it!

We made it through summer!
This means the restaurant is taking a deep breath before the next project.
That means that I am taking a deep breath before the next project.

Labor day weekend was a fiasco in which I worked a full time work week in a few days.
Luckily my lovely in-laws were staying with us to check out the new house and to take care of Peanut during what was sure to be a crazy weekend for B and I.


I'm relieved and I'm really looking forward to getting into a rhythm in the new house.

Tonight Peanut and I joined B, for the first time since Monday,
 because we were getting the floors done.

It's good to be home and it's good to know that we can really get going with putting things together here.


Today is also my birthday and I've received lovely well wishes from amazing friends and family!
Thank you very muchly everyone!

I'm officially 33 years old and I rotate from feeling like 20 and feeling like I'm 50 and feeling like I'm 80, depending on the time of day.

Mom, did you see that?

Speaking of the house, yes I am going to post pictures.

I'm uploading the listing pictures tonight so you have some good before and after pictures.
That is, after I get projects done so that there are before and afters.

Ta Da!

Peanut has done really well considering all the changes.

He's a little out of sorts....
but no more out of sorts than his father.


Why yes, I did just knock those all off the table.

What have you all been up to?


  1. Wonderful to see a smiling Peanut this morning . . . and enjoyed seeing glimpses of outdoor fireplace, wood skyline background pieces, outdoor furniture and most of all the tall, tall tower . . . (such a delightful little boy!)

  2. Look at all the teeth that Peanut has!! So glad you made it through the summer. And Happy Birthday a bit belatedly.

  3. My fall has been crazy busy too! I'm looking forward to winter with it's slower pace Wait? What am I thinking, the Holidays are coming! Yikes!

    Peanut is getting cuter every day!


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