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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

House tour!


As promised a thousand moons ago, here is the first official house tour.

These pictures were taken for the listing so we get a good idea of how they had the house set up.


Almost all the flowers you see are already dead.

I am a flower killer.

I'm thinking of all the fun things we can hang for the holidays here!

living room

This is the living room when you first walk through the front door, which is to the left in this picture.


They didn't have the stairs shown on the listing so here is a shot after we're already in.

There are actually two different greens there and the bookcase is already partly dismantled but you get the idea.

At the top is access to the attic aka christmas decoration storage.

I love how open this is.

The front door is just to the right.

dining room

This is the dining room and one of the sliding doors to the back yard.


Here is the kitchen, you can see the dining room at the far end.

kitchen nook

A little eating area between the kitchen and the family room.

I love that you can see the back yard from all of these windows.
I like to know when Peanut is trying to pick up spiders and is busy eating dirt.

family room

The family room with a fireplace I can't wait to use in the winter.

I think so far, that although this rooms lends itself perfectly to a TV room that I would like to keep it TV-less and make it really kid friendly.

That sounds odd considering it has the fireplace but I'd rather make the front room a more adult room, 
in hopes that we can walk into the house and not see a bunch of toys.

I feel like the less Peanut sees the TV the less he wants it on and so it'll either be hidden or gone completely from the room.

There is another set of sliding doors to the back yard.


The view from the top of the stairs.


The master bedroom.  This room is actually much larger than it looks.

To the left is a very large, long window and the ceiling is very high on one side.

The master bedroom is above the family room.

master bath

The master bathroom, closets to the left, shower and separate potty to the right and perhaps my favorite... behind the wall you see on the right is the linen closet.

The bathroom is huge and the ceiling is high.

The only drawback is that the light through those windows is a rude wake-up call should we be so lucky to sleep until 7:15 am.

second bedroom

These rooms they remodeled not to long ago, adding an additional room in the front of the house.

I love the windows and light and they both have views of the mountains.

Both of these bedrooms are above the garage and entryway.


This is Peanut's room.

Although in person the color is this room was a vivid lime green, we loved how bright and cheerful it was.  In my opinion, this is the best room in the house.  This was completely added on to the house.

I liked the color so much that I chose a softened version of it for Peanut.
It went from vivid lime green to what I think of as lime sherbet but is called something like Frosted Garden.

Of course, it's only fitting that the prince live in here.
He also has the only walk-in closet. 
I know.
Apparently they were originally going to build out differently and what started as a hallway ended up as a walk in closet.

For a little boy.

back yard

Here is our new back yard.

No more packing a bag and stroller to get the kid outside.
Now I just open the door and go back inside for a nap.

I kid, I kid.

back yard2

They were kind enough to leave the enclosure you see on the left, under which Peanut now has his own house.

We've already used our BBQ several times and I love how everything is nice and shaded so the sun isn't glaring through all the wonderfully double-paned windows.

That concludes our house tour for today.
I'll keep you posted on renovations, the house should be furnished and completed by the time Peanut is in college.

We love the house, by the way.


  1. This is AMAZING! Congratulations - what a lovely home. xxx

  2. Congrats on your new home!!!! It's adorable! Can't wait to see what you do with it... I see soooo much fun in the decorating process! Love the breakfast nook! The real fun begins now!!

  3. Dawn it's gorgeous! Seriously you are blessed. Love the awesome yard and the overlook from upstairs. I know you waited a long time. It's amazing girl.

  4. yay, finally get to see the house. I can't wait to see it with all of your personal touches. I'm so like you-the minute I would look at a house I'd think... hmm, Christmas lights there, Christmas tree over there. :-) I am so excited that you guys will get to spend your first Christmas in your new home in just a couple of months. How moved in are you? Will you get time to decorate for Halloween, or will you have to wait til Thanksgiving? The house is amazing-you guys are going to love living there!!
    This will be our first Halloween in our new home, and I'm over the moon about it. I may be going slightly overboard. ;-)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Congrats on the house. I love though that the Peanut has his own walk in closet!

  6. Congratulations on your new home! Wishing you many happy years creating memories there. I'll bet your head is swimming with ideas for projects. There's nothing like a clean slate to work on!

  7. AWESOME gooch!!! i wanna come play!

  8. Great new home . . . llike the vibes and flow . . . Every Prince needs a walk in closet!


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