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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The chaos before the storm

Daddy, stop kissing me.

So we've been living with my parents for almost a month.
Our stuff is in the cars, the garage, the upstairs bedroom, storage and at the new house.

My library books somehow made their way to the depths of storage, where they sit, unread, quietly accumulating library fines.

I've realized that as long as I have pants and work shirts, I really only need one or two other outfits.
There might be something wrong with that.


The house has been painted 2 lovely shades of grey as a neutral start so that I can add color as I go.
One of them looks completely baby blue .
It's really hard to pick a color for the whole house.

Today B and I spent the day moving things over and into the new house.
We're getting the floors done in a about 2 weeks so we'll try not to put too many things down stairs.

I'm really looking forward to having all my belongs in one place... in the same city... in the same house!


Meanwhile, at work we're in the home stretch to the end of summer.
After Labor Day I'd like to take a nice long nap.

Oh wait, I can't because we'll be moving... with a toddler who has a knack for climbing things and finding trouble.

You know what else I'm looking forward to at the house?
Having my computer with constant internet connection.

At my parents house the computer is in Peanut's room
and for some reason I can't connect to their wifi.

So for now I'm just doing a lot of mental "planning".
I have ideas for everything.
Changes to the house, changes to the blog, changes to the restaurants,
schedules, lists, projects.


Does anyone realize how close the holidays are?
I mean, we'll blink and Christmas will be here.
How am I going to get everything done before Christmas?!

In my mind it goes something like this:
move stuff
move some more stuff
get the floors done
actually move in
never sleep again (because Peanut's sleeping routines do not take well to change)
schedule blog and article posting
organize house
try to keep house clean
 (this may be unrealistic as I couldn't manage to keep an apartment half this size clean)
more article deadlines
baby shower
restaurant build out
open nighttime restaurant concept
B's birthday
Peanut's party
New Years
and then

Sounds about right.

Oh wait, I think "Work out" is in there on one of those days.

Does your schedule look something like this or do you need to add in things like football practice, piano lessons, plant fall harvest and drink martinis?

And yes, I know these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the post :)


  1. Sounds exciting... at least the moving into your new house bit. :p All the best with the move.

  2. Even though we're not moving, my brain seems to flow almost exactly like yours!

  3. Oh girl I hear ya... I can't believe it's nearly September already!!

  4. I totally relate! I always try to think to the future when I can get some rest...but by the time that day comes the schedule is full again. I guess it keeps life interesting!

  5. So much to do! I'm loving this time of year. I can't wait for September, and the kickoff to Fall. I'm so excited for you guys and your new place. Can't wait to see pictures and all of the before/after projects. :-)

  6. I have a list that is almost as crazy as that and my kids are all grown up! Yikes! I think I'm going to take my nap on Labor Day because it's the last free weekend I have until next spring sometime....

  7. I may have been MIA for a whole year but GOODNESS has Peanut grown!!! We've done a room swap to accommodate the new nuresry and I too think that life might not restart until January. Packing and unpacking counts for gym though lady, so cross that one off your list! x

  8. Hi! I've nominated you and your awesome blog for the "seven things about me" award. I hope you'll want to participate, it's fun :)
    - Mara

  9. Okay miss thing... when do I get to see this new house???


  10. I have to confess, I have some catching up to do...but I laughed when I read we'll blink and it will be Christmas. I had the very same thought about three days ago. There is a house I drive by every school day that always has pumpkins up during fall, a small pumpkin on each of the square columns (I don't think you can have square columns...what do you call that? Giant stone posts?) that connect the iron gate around the yard. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the pumpkins remain, but they string greenery and red bows along the same posts! It's weird. And funny. Anyway, I thought of that the other day, that soon I will be seeing the pumpkins and before long it will be the greenery, and oh my goodness it's almost Christmas! :)
    It sounds like you are in a very busy season of life right now!! Moving is rough, but it seems like it will be a great one for you guys! Wonderful!


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