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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming home


Life is really busy.  Work is really busy.
It seems that even if my day isn't completely full, my mind cannot stop running.

I've managed restaurants before, although not in quite the same capacity.

What I've not done before is balance work and life outside of work.


To be honest, I never had to.  

The last time I managed a restaurant, B and I were both in the same line of work.
We both worked crazy hours, had 3 am meals with friends and we never minded that work meshed with all the aspects of our lives.  I mean, we met at work and it was our common ground.


This time around life is much different.

This time around we have Peanut, we are a family.

It feels odd at times.  I have two completely different lives.


Sometimes it's hard to remember that the world is spinning on at it's normal pace when I'm stressing about  being short-staffed and picking up product and completing training and who to trust to close the restaurant so I don't have to move in and trying to project what we'll need to get the restaurant up and running.


Days like this I go home or to my parents to pick up Peanut and I see him playing
and I remember that in this little boy is my shelter from the outside world.

Hey, I'm not saying that it's a calm shelter or a place that lacks stress or occasional madness.

I'm saying that he reminds me that our family is it's own world.  
It's the center, the pull in which I may flit madly around but I always return to.


He doesn't care what else is going on, he cares that I sit down and read a story or we sing a song.

He cares that I watch and clap as he takes a turn down the slide (as exhausting as sliding may be).

It's because of him that work remains work, a part of life, but just a part because the biggest part of life is waiting when I get home.


  1. Balance is daunting at times although it sounds like you are holding the "waiting at home" at the top of the deck . . . Good for you!

  2. I wish I had advice that made it all work seamless, but after 10 years I still don't. All I do know is that you are on the right track by staying focused on your priorities, Peanut. I know you are doing an amazing job because that is the person that you are, you are an amazing, wife, mother, friend the list goes on and on. Big hugs to you!!!

  3. exactly! I worked all the time my kids were growing up. I really believed it made me a better, more involved mother. They were my center, my retreat and my inspiration all in one.

    How exciting/tiring restaurant work is!

    I am jealous of the new beginning...

  4. So so true. I remember Match telling me how thrilled he was when his sergeant said something similar. He told him at orientation, "This is a job, and you need to leave it here. Go home, be with your families, kiss your wife, and relax." So many people treat work as if it is their whole world, when just as you said, the most important world is where your family is.
    PS I love that little Peanut. I can't believe how grown he is!

  5. I can barely balance everything now. I can't even imagine throwing kids into the mix. Luckily my mom is dying to be a grandma so she will be a lot of help :)

    How is the restaurant doing?


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