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Monday, May 21, 2012

In which my head explodes


Do you remember when I said I was going back to work?
Just a simple cafe with simple hours.
Practically part-time.

Well that was before they signed on to open a second location.
Yup, that's 2 places and I'll be managing them both.

The second location, for those of you that are local, will be on Big Corona Beach in Corona Del Mar.
It's the snack shack on the sand and we'll be running a full cafe menu in addition to a snack shack menu.

We open in about a week.

Did I mention that we are the only building on the beach?
It's going to be a very, very, very busy summer.


Then there is the Peanut who is talking and running and jumping and wreaking havoc constantly.

Measuring in at 34 inches I believe we're beginning to slow down in the height department,
I think that drops him down to the 85th percentage.

The nurse says she always remembers us as "little mama, big baby".
I'm glad we're making a name for ourselves.

Oh and I have lots of events over the next few months.
Family vacations (coming to visit us- yay!), holidays, birthdays, showers, blogging events.
I'm co-hosting a blogging event/ soft serve social tonight.
I think soft serve will soothe any anxiety I may have.

I've started scheduling in down time.
Sometimes you just have to do that.

I've also been on the computer a lot less and reading a lot more.
It's my way of relaxing my brain by escaping to a different world, if only for a moment.
36 books so far this year.  I'm completely addicted.

Easter 2012

We're also house hunting! 
(because there isn't enough decision making and chaos in my life)

My very lovely parents are helping us get into a house....
and by us, I mean, Peanut.
Peanut needs a backyard.
 Mommy needs to be able to park in the driveway and unload the groceries/diaper bag/who-knows-what without having to carry Peanut and said groceries across the complex and up the stairs to the apartment.
Daddy just wants an attached garage and a washer and dryer hook-up.

House hunting is fun, I think.
Man, it's crazy out there. 

Sure, sure, it's a buyers market but there are a gazillion buyers.
People are buying houses before they are even open to be viewed.
People are offering tens of thousands over asking price.
Some of the houses are getting 10+ offers in the first few days.

We started looking a few weeks ago and my mom has seen nearly 30 houses.
I've seen most of them.

I can't wait to see where we end up!

Does anyone have a suggestion for a bag that I could use to tote around all my stuffs?
I have packets, product lists, planners, paper, books, cards, pens and more that just go with me from place to place.  B and I rotate cars depending on whether or not I need the truck to pick things up and I'm trying to get organized before things get out of control.


  1. Oh I'm so so excited that you're house hunting. Ugh...I remember those sneaky buyers who would buy site unseen. That should be illegal!! Good luck and I'm so excited for you to have a home. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Good luck with work-that sounds very very busy. I think it's great that you're scheduling downtime. Sometimes you just have to, like you said. We tell people no all the time to plans. Sometimes we just need a night to veg out. Match is always working, so his free time at home is precious.
    I wish I had a suggestion for a tote bag. I have seen those really cute Kaboo bags, that have a place for your electronic device, like an ipad or whatever, and they are so cute. I don't own one though so I can't speak from experience.

  2. Good luck on finding the perfect house with the perfect yard!

    I love the Levenger St Tropez bag, but it's a little pricey. I visit the website everyday, knowing one day I am going to order one.


  3. oh happy house hunting. that's a bummer that the market is that hot. not good. praying you find the perfect space for that BIG peanut of yours. so glad life is going good. i figured you've been busy. you don't blog much anymore. miss ya! sounds like you have a very exciting summer to look forward too. you go girl! embrace it all:)

  4. Exciting . . . The thought, possibility of a new home, Peanut playing in the backyard . . . Happy Hunting . . .

  5. Yay house hunting! I suggest... a backpack, or messenger bag style school bag. It may seem awfully old-school (literally) but it's unbeatable for carrying stuff because of all the compartments. And there are cute ones! You just have to look. :)

  6. No suggestions on a bag, haven't hauled diapers around in a while! Good luck on the house hunting!!!

  7. I loved this whole post. It felt like I got all caught up again. :)

    I know the perfect house is out there! I can't wait to see what you land on. And yes Peanut does need a backyard. Boys are made for that.

    I have used so many bags for hauling stuff. I think the best thing I've used in a while has been the Organizing Utility Tote bag by Thirty One. It's got pockets and I keep it beside my door, toss my waterbottle, kid snacks, camera, purse, books to return to the library etc, into it and it works for us. I know they have a lot of other totes there too and the fabrics to choose from are really fun. I'll toss a link onto her from the sweet gal I got mine from- her name is Kelly. :)

  8. Hi! I think a backpack is a great idea, it holds so much and you can let your husband hold onto it while you hold onto Peanut, or vice versa. Although it seems as though you already have so much going on, I envy you for the house hunting. After having been married for 27 years, then divorced and losing my house...I'd love to be house hunting with you!! I've been out of the loop with tastykitchen and your webpage but plan to catch up. Aloha!


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