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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That's me... in OC Family!


I'd like to be all cool and nonchalant about this...
but the thing is....
I'm in a magazine!

I'm not even someone in the background of a picture of someone else!

I'm in an article!
Have I exhausted my allowance of exclamation points?!

I love to use the ?! combination.


This months issue of OC Family is the Modern Mom Issue 
and I am one of the 5 moms featured in their cover story.

I was interviewed by another very awesome modern mom, Debbie.
 She was very sweet and patient when she asked me questions and my mind went completely blank.

I mean, she was recording my comments....
What is your name?  Um.... is that thing recording me?
OK it wasn't that bad but it was my first interview and it was a little odd.
Soon enough I felt right at home which was nice considering we were sitting at her kitchen table.

She has 3 kids, 2 birds, a dog and a bunny.
Her daughter watched Peanut while we did the interview.
I think he wanted to move in with them.


5 OC Moms Reveal the Secrets of their Special Powers

Bwahahaha!  Super powers, have you seen my kitchen?
Oh wait, you have.

Really it was quite an honor to be featured with these lovely ladies.
Being featured as a good mom, well that just takes the cake.

Excuse me while I glow for a little while. 




~insert caption~

Is that you in my book?

Why is your tummy so big?

Do you think those horizontal stripes are a wise choice?

Are we famous?
If so, where's all the help around here?


  1. Congratulations super mom! Such an adorable post~

    By the way, I think you are the ONLY person I know that can pull off horizontal stripes! You look amazing in that picture.

  2. Too cool! But I have to say, that top picture of Peanut reading is just TOOOOO precious!

  3. You are too cool for school. You know that right? You should've been on the cover. Just don't forget the little people when the help arrives:) I love the ?! combo too:)

  4. So cool!! And that first pic of Peanut is absolutely it and the last one is perfect. I think Peanut's wondering why there's no mention of a pig's head being kept in the fridge. It's newsworthy, isn't it?!

    (PS. The use of ?! is highly underrated. Agree?! Ha!)

  5. Recognition couldn't have happened to a better person . . . Congrat's . . . That first photo of Lil Peanet is preceless. . . .

  6. I'm so proud of you sweet girl. And peanut holding the magazine... what a cutie pie!

  7. Dawn that is SO FREAKING COOL!!! Talk about the ultimate scrap book item for Peanut's baby book. Frame that interview! That really is incredible!

  8. Congratulations Dawn. How awesome!!! And Peanut is adorable!!! Marie


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