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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fall is here!


When we first moved way out here in the "wilderness" which is to say I'm 20 minutes away from
Huntington Beach where I grew up, but I'm 20 minutes into the wilderness I tell you.

Sure you may laugh at our OC wilderness but did you know that my friend Kelly and I were on a walk Tuesday and we saw vultures?!  
Big ugly vultures with scary, icky red hangy-skinned heads and they were eating a dead bird.
That, my friends, is wilderness.

Anyway, out here in the wilderness of South Orange County we have lots of trees, and trails,
and gorgeous parks, and did I mention trees?

Perhaps this isn't a big deal to you but did you know that some of our trees have 
leaves that change color?!

It's crazy, I know.
That first year I couldn't wait until the leaves changed during autumn.
Although it's still mostly green all year round I still love those streets where it seems like the seasons come alive.


Of course, these are Southern California trees and they didn't grow up with tree parents to mold and guide them and tell them that the leaves are supposed to change to gorgeous orange and red in the FALL!

Some did but we still have quite a few stragglers that are turning brilliant colors now.

These Orange County kids have been deprived of running through falling leaves
and jumping into piles in front of their houses.

The fact that it was 77°F doesn't help with my little fall fantasy.


So this daddy decided to take nature into his own hands and give these trees a little help.

Oh man, you should have seen these kids running around as the leaves fluttered around them.

Such a dad thing to do.
That man is halfway up that tree, shaken' it around.

Picnik collage

Peanut is wondering what in the world is going on.


  1. Beautiful! Our Fall 2011 was too short, and only mildly colorful. I'm happy for those kiddos.. there's nothing like playing in fallen leaves. And just look at the big Peanut!! Such a handsome lad he is, and getting way too big.. too fast!! -Tammy

  2. hey there lady!! long time no visit, so sorry~ I am laughing cause well you know I am just around the way of you, and I was wondering where winter was myself....your trees are much pretty then the ones we have in the front our house...our kids will never really know winter, but goodness they will have their fair share of vitamin D, one less thing to worry about! :) happy weekend cutie pie!

  3. Peanut would be awestruck in the fall here in PA with all the falling leaves. When we lived in the country, we had 15 trees, beautiful but then you had to clean up the fallen leaves!


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