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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bicycle Dreams

Picnik collage

The last couple weeks we've had the most amazing weather.  

It's been anywhere from low 70°s to low 80° but most often it's right in the mid 70°s which is absolutely perfect.

A few days after Christmas we were having one of those days.
Peanut was still exhausted from all the festivities but could not seem to settle down to nap.

We've never been able to force him into a nap and I just wasn't up to trying.
We decided that a bike ride down the street to the park would be the best remedy.

Picnik collage

The park down the street from us has lots of different play areas for little Peanuts to tire themselves out.

He could spend hours in the sand/dirt/wood chips.

Picnik collage

After a while we could see the Peanut slowing down.

He quietly sat there poking his stick in the ground.

Poke. Poke. Poke.


Look at that sleepy smile and those tired eyes.

Picnik collage

The little Peanut was not happy to be leaving the park.

That's the worst part about the park, you know.  Mommy always makes you leave.


On the way home B started laughing really hard.

Apparently Peanut just sort of leaned his helmet on B's arm and fell asleep.

Of course, all our loud laughing woke him up but before long his head was bobbing around, looking for a landing spot.

Picnik collage

A little guidance from daddy and he found himself quite comfortable.


This kid, who naps well on, and only on, every second Tuesday in a month with a full moon when the wind is blowing from the East and Jupiter is in the Second House... fell asleep on a 5 minute bike ride.

I think he's having bicycle dreams.

Perhaps when we can't get him to sleep I should have B ride him around the neighborhood for an hour or two.

PS:  Always wear a helmet, even if you are only riding down the street.  Do not follow our example. :)


  1. I love that you get these super sweet in the moment shots. Little Peanut and his B. Ahhh so cute!

  2. So glad you had your camera. That was precious.

  3. Im impressed that you can rode and take photos!!!!

  4. So, So cute!!! Just want to kiss his sweet little face in that last photo.

  5. I have spent the past few hours reading entries on your blog. A friend of mine sent me your way.

    Your little Peanut is more than precious. I love looking at him and reading about him too.

    Your writing is beautiful. I see a book in your life. Discovery, biopsy, breast cancer, treatment, life, living . . . I find your words profound . . .

    Your wedding pictures are such joy . . . I felt like doing Spontaneous Clapping.

    I look forward to visiting you again and again . . .

  6. Oh, Peanut is SO adorable. And, you crack me up! Your Peanut doesn't take naps and my girl can't sleep through the night. At least, they are cuties! Peanut always seems super happy despite the lack of naps.

    P.S. I asked you months ago about your cool little bike seat for Peanut and you so kindly passed along the info. I'm happy to report we got the bike seat for Christmas! Yippee! It's freezing cold here in Indiana, but this summer we are breaking it out for our little Cricket. She's going to love it. I can't wait to see her riding with her dad just like Peanut does. Thanks for the info!

  7. Such a sweet face! Love the last shot!

  8. Oh my goodness, how adorable is the Peanut?!? Tooooo cute, so glad you captured it!

  9. so so so cute!!! So THAT'S what you have to do all night long for him to sleep! Ride your bike! For 12 hours! In the dark! Sweet. Glad you got it figured out. ;o)


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