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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trip to the Aquarium


B absolutely loves the Aquarium of the Pacific so I got us passes for father's day.
This is just the first of what I'm sure will be many, many trips.


Although there are a lot of different types of exhibits, we stuck to the large tanks this visit.

Peanut likes the colors and the movements.


At first glance I only noticed the fish in the middle.

Picnik collage

A closer look and I found these guys.  
The one on the right looks a bit grumpy.

Picnik collage

As we were watching the fish in one of the big tanks, this diver came down to feed the fish.

With lettuce!

I was amazed at how they swarmed around him.

B and I laughed because all the kids on field trips came running up and swarmed the tank.


There was so much activity, Peanut was really quiet, just taking it all in.

He kept reaching out and absentmindedly running his fingers thru the hair of anyone near by.

They're lucky, he usually grabs and shakes.

Anyway, amidst all the chaos, the diver looked up and waved directly at the Peanut.

Then he took out his mouthpiece and gave Peanut a big smile.

It was adorable.


We were looking in this window when a bunch of kids came running up behind us...

It's the Nemo and Dory tank!  It's the Nemo and Dory tank!

My favorite part of this picture is Peanut's fat little foot in the corner.


I always love the clown fish, they are so vibrant.


These boys are actually quiet.

They're just leaning in and watching the fish.



Peanut was pretty quiet too, but that's standard for him in busy places.

Picnik collage

I always, very briefly, wish we had a fish tank.


I'd want tropical fish like these.  

That fish looks like it's on fire.

Then again, I don't want to clean them, or take care of the fish.

So I think we'll just keep visiting the aquarium instead.


Do you have an aquarium near you?
When was the last time you went?


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Peanut is just so cute! We have a little aquarium a few hours from us, but it features a lot more fresh water type fish than ocean fish. But there are sharks, which always fascinate me.

  2. We once had 150 fish tanks! Ugh! Pix are beautiful ,,,and Peanut is so cute!!!

  3. How fun! I want to go back and take the kids soon.

  4. We have the Seattle Aquarium, only 35mins away from where we live... I haven't been there since my son was 3 years old (2004). After this post Im thinking I will add that to my list of adventures this summer. Thanks ;)


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