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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!


It's B's very first father's day.

maternity photo by Adrienne Gunde

This past year has just flown by.  From the very first moment I told B about being pregnant he was looking forward to being a daddy.

Well, you know, after the shock and then the fist pumping and patting himself on the back.  Yes, yes, good job B, you did it.

I took this from the delivery bed while they were weighing the Peanut

From this very first moment when I saw them connect is has been a complete joy watching them together.

First morning home

B is a wonderful father, just as I knew he would be.


Peanut just lights up around him.  There is just something special about daddy.

They talk and laugh together and Peanut mimics daddy as best he can.

I could watch it all day long.

Taken last night

Happy Father's Day B!

AND a very happy father's day to both of our dads and to all you daddy's out there!

Are you celebrating today?


  1. Happy First Father's Day to B! It's a joy to view photos of the two of them together.

    Enjoy your day B!

  2. Love the photos of father and son!

  3. Such precious pix of B ,,,and little B!!!

  4. seriously dawn those pics are so amazingly good. that baby is one of the cutest i have EVER seen! hope you guys are whooping it up and eating some good food too.

  5. Oh girl.. the last one is precious! (Actually they all are!) There is something about daddies. And really nothing like watching your babies being loved on my them. Heart melting.


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