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Sunday, June 12, 2011

computer sadness


My computer just died.

I had problems yesterday with hard drive space.  I just got a message that there was hard drive failure.  Now it just keeps running a program that tries to fix the failure but isn't able to and wants to repeatedly reboot.  Then it just shut down.

Luckily I backed up everything last month onto an external hard drive.  I won't pretend to know how to work this external hard drive as everything converts to files I don't understand.

My main concern is my videos.  On the external hard drive they all look like snapshots.  Oh well, at least I have my info and I'm sure I can take it somewhere to figure out my next step.

I sort of knew that my computer wouldn't last much longer but it's just never a good time to fork out money for a new computer, you know?


I need internet access.  Need.  I don't have a smart phone so a computer is my only option.

Am I the only one without a smart phone?

I'm using B's computer right now and I'll be honest.  This laptop sharing doesn't work that well for us.  I don't really know how to use his and he doesn't really share his toys well :)  We also don't like to take turns.  I suppose this should teach us how to share and be nice!

On the bright side, this should really motivate me to get my blogging done in the morning while B is at work and maybe I can get other things done in the evening while Peanut is sleeping.

Do you have one household computer or do you have more than one?

P.S.  Go back up your info! Back up your blogs while you're at it.  It's really easy to do- just export it to your computer.

P.P.S.  Somedays can only be made better with babies and doggies.


  1. bummer, Dawn. I HATE that. I need to back up my laptop. I have our desktop backed up, but not this---good reminder. So sorry about the computer---

  2. Oh no! I'll ditto the external hard drive. Our Macbook crashed a few years ago and we lost every.thing. Now I have an external drive hooked up to my iMac 24/7 and it backs up my computer at the end of every day.
    That being said, we have a laptop, a desktop and an ipad. Hubby doesn't share his laptop well, either. And it needs a new battery so it's out of commission anyway. Oh, the problems of we first-world dwellers. ;) Hope you get a new 'puter soon!

  3. Ugh! We have been talking about getting an external hard drive for EVER! I am so scared something is going to happen to my laptop and I will loose thousands of pictures!
    :::Off to the store tomorrow:::
    We each have our own laptops, but we are looking to buy a new desktop. I know nothing about computers, so the chances of me screwing things up, well, is huge.

  4. your blog looks great, by the way. super cute.

  5. Oh darn it!!! Our computer is sooo full too!Peanut and Voodoo are so cute!!!

  6. Oh NO! YOu totally need two... we have a regular computer and I've got a laptop. it was really hard to share because Adrain works from home... that didn't work very well for me!

    Your blog makeover is cute though! HOpe you get the computer thing figured out.

  7. Oh that is SO painful. And you definitely need two computers. I cannot imagine the pain and mayhem that would ensue if HHBL and I had to share a computer. The only time that happens is if we are traveling to some place where it is best just to take the little sub-notebook.

    I just started using Carbonite for back-up. And also an external hard drive.

  8. Oh, no fun. When ours died we experienced the same hard drive failure. Glad your info was backed up. My husband and I share a computer, I usually use it when he is at work and on the days we both work he is a sudoku fan so while he is doing that the computer is all mine....

  9. Hey there! I used to work in IT. If the videos look like snapshots, one possibility is that the laptop you're viewing the video files on doesn't have the software the videos are used to being opened with. All you need to do is locate the software normally used to open files of the type they are and they should open fine.

    For example, are they .wav files? Then a Mac laptop probably will have trouble opening them and the icons for the videos will look like little snapshots. You can convert the .wav files into a file a Mac can read, or get Windows Media Player onto a Windows computer...

    I hope this wasn't too confusing! I can help more if you need. :)

  10. Mrs. Duck!!! I love you. I just wanted you to know :)

  11. GO TO YOUR EMAIL.. I just sent you a message. You have a virus! I had the same thing happen and I got everything back. Go read it now!

  12. oh no girlie. i'm so sorry. we have a backup but that's a great idea about the blog. i've been meaning to get it printed out...just in case. you never know with blogger.

  13. I don't have a smart phone either--can't afford the data plan!! But that's ok--i would be on it constantly if I had one and I really should be focused the mountain of laundry I must conquer at some point in this lifetime. Sorry for your computer woes...not fun.

  14. I came across your blog while I was browsing around. It is so cute, had to leave a comment!

  15. We have two but my laptop doesn't handle photoshop as well as my husband's computer. After the last time I had trouble with mine we took PS off and I use his for all photography work but I can't organize things to my specifications! And we're not really good at sharing either. : )

    Love the new look!

  16. We have only ONE house hold computer and it is hard to share at times... Especially when you have a 9 year old who loves to play computer games and a BF who loves to find car parts for his project
    I really think ours is about to bite the dust and I do need to get all my many thousands of pic's, videos and blogs put a on a hard drive. Fact is I have no clue how to do that stuff and don't know where to even begin.
    Thanks for the advice Sunshine :)

  17. My computer is giving me fits, too. And, I have no techy friend, teenager, or hubby to fix it. BUMMER! I guess it's time to call the geek squad.

  18. awww that's awful news! I'm so sorry. Our computer died last year and I was heartbroken. I was able to recover the hard drive but it was a stress filled few weeks.
    We only have one computer but I do have my ipad. It doesn't work that great for blogging but it's fine for reading others and commenting. We definitely have to take turns but I do my best to share. Having just one makes you more disciplined when it's your turn, I will say that! But I'm definitely the computer hog in this house. :-)


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