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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peanut's First Easter


I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! I have no idea how I keep doing this but I keep scheduling the post to go up and somehow save it to draft on accident.

I wasn't sure about how our day would go as Peanut had been sick for the few days prior.  A sporadic fever, stuffy/runny nose had made nighttime a nightmare.

The night before Easter he was up every hour or so and woke up Easter morning crying.  I was little nervous about how he would do in church.

We got him dressed up in his Sunday finest.  I love bowties.  I purchased his tie on etsy at The Little Gentlemen's Closet.

Peanut is the best behaved baby in public.  Seriously.  Naptime is another discussion for another day.

He was his usual sweet self during mass and only spoke up during the singing.

He crashed out in the car on the way to grandma and grandpa's house.

I love that little sucking thing babies do in their sleep.

Picnik collage

We got to the house and started to put the finishing touches on brunch.  Peanut got an Easter basket here also.

Picnik collage

We tried to take some pictures in which both of the boys were smiling at the same time.  Peanut wasn't really interested.
We were doing our best to make the babies laugh.  It involves lots of wild gesturing, contorted facial expressions and wide range of strange noises.

By the end my sister was hysterically laughing.  She laughed until she cried.


This is just a small glimpse of what it looks like from the other side.  I stole this from my other sister.

You're welcome mom, I know you want this on the internet.


We all had brunch and I'm going to do a post tomorrow on the desserts my niece made.  They really deserve their own recognition.

We changed Peanut out of his church clothes and into this.


Something about the pattern on the shirt and the fedora gave it a very Cuban feel.  I suppose Puerto Rican would have been more appropriate as he is a quarter Puerto Rican.


It's like Easter in Havana! 

We felt like all he needed was a Cigar.
Picnik collage

So we gave him one. 

Now before you call CPS on me I just want you to know that I didn't let him smoke it.

We didn't even light it.

I just let him chew on it a bit for the pictures.


I kid, I kid.

There were no Peanut's abused in the making of these pictures :)


  1. Stop it with that bow tie! I love him. And the fedora is perfect.
    See, boys are just as fun to dress up as girls. Their clothes have come a long way in the past few years.

  2. You are completely killing me with the outfits here girly. The hat... the bow tie... killing ME! My sis in law just informed me that we aren't too late to get that "ummm procedure" reversed and have another. Killing me!

  3. He is beyond adorable. I love the bow tie but I really love the hat. I always had Caden in one when he was little. So sweet.

  4. Your kid should be in magazines!! Oh my goodness, he is just too cute. And then you went and put him in a fedora!! AHHHHH!!! Cuteness explosion! I love love love that photo of your mom in complete make-babies-smile mode. Classic!

  5. Could he be any cuter?? Seriously the fedora was just over the top adorable. Did you know your dad looks like Mr. Miagi from the first Karate Kid movie? Loved Mr. Miagi!

  6. I love how Peanut smiles. He has a very expressive little face. Haha, I was just thinking that his outfit was very Cuban and then I saw that you gave him a cigar. Well done! :-)

  7. My, someone certainly looks dapper! =)

  8. DAWN!!! He's so darling! That bow tie---love! But I DO love the havana outfit---honestly, he's a doll! Thanks for letting us have a peek into your life.

  9. He's adorable, Dawn! Looks just like B ... So happy for you all!

  10. Ay Dios mio! I love the hat!

  11. Adorable, hysterical, so wonderful! These pictures are great, and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time (sorry for using that word twice. It's late! :) )


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