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Monday, April 4, 2011

Good morning little elf


There is something decidedly elfish about Peanut.

It's definitely not his size because my kid is a monster. It's his ears. They are slightly pointy. I'm sure he would love being described as an elf but it's better than calling him a pixie, no?

Picnik collage

In the mornings and after naps I sing Peanut the Good Mornin song from Singing in the Rain.

Actually, I only sing the chorus because I don't know the rest of the song. I'll have to learn more of it.

Every single time I get a big grin and it makes my day. I really love these smiles because at the ripe old age of 5 months, Peanut has decided mommy is not nearly as cool as everyone else. He is way to interested in the world around him to bother with me.



Hey mom, I know photos are important but, um, I just woke up and I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy need a diaper change. Thanks.


  1. Look at his diaper poking through in that last pic...too funny! Love that Good Morning song- so happy. Elf or not he's a keeper:)

  2. Sweet little face. What a wonderful little guy to get up for... ENJOY!

  3. Well, he seems happy enough --full diaper and all! =) I love his cute little grin!

  4. He's so cute!! That smile just kills me.

  5. I LOVE his pj's. They are so cute. Peanut is just adorable. Hopefully we can get together for another play date soon. xo

  6. He's so sweet!! :) So happy! :) My little boy is 6 weeks old and just beginning to smile (he smiles in his sleep, but he's starting to when he's awake now).

  7. Toooo cute! That last picture (and your awesome little caption) totally cracked me up!

  8. He does look like a sweet little elf! I love that Good Morning song. My mom used to sing it to us. I just heard that Early Bird song by Shirley Temple (thanks Target commercial) and I'm pretty sure I'll be singing that to my future kidlets. I keep singing it for Match but I usually get pillows thrown at me. :-)

  9. O. M. G. This is the CUTEST BABY EVER!!*

    *not including my grandbaby ;-)

  10. Ha! The cutest little elf I've seen. And gee Mom, that diaper looks pretty full! : )

  11. He is precious, and getting SO big! I bet he'd make my Sprig look like a shrimplette!


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