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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh the screeching

Yesterday morning Peanut made a screeching sound. It was kinda cute. By afternoon he had really gotten the hang of this new screeching sound.

The thing is, the screeching didn't stop. It continued on and on throughout the day and into the night.

Screeching at the mobile, screeching at his reflection, screeching at each and every one of his toys, screeching at the ceiling, in my ear, at the neighbors, in the swing, on the play mat, screeching when he was supposed to be sleeping.

Screeching in combination with spit-flinging raspberries provides endless fun.

He even woke up to screech a few times before going back to sleep.

Let's hope there won't be any 3 am screeching. Not exactly a lovely way to wake up.

I don't suppose the next sound learned could be the gentle humming of the clare de lune?


  1. he's definitely perfected his new sound...don't worry he'll be onto something else soon. what a sweetheart!

  2. Lol ,,,so cute!!! luvuallbye

  3. LOL. Molly is doing the same thing. I have no idea how she became so loud!!!

  4. Lexie still makes this noise. Have I mentioned she's 15?

  5. I would count on about three months of it....

    so cute..

  6. Oh how cute!! Love the squealing! I think that is what eventually turns into the belly giggles :)
    How fun!

  7. This is hilarious, Sean and I were just talking about this tonight. Ella's screech has become a just wait till next month when the pitch turns up another octave.

  8. Aww, it's kind of cute but I can see how all day that might get old. Hehe. He's just excited that he found his voice!

  9. Ohhh good memories. And with boys... the new sounds NEVER end... it's like a constant stream of mindless noises all. the. time. every. single. day.

    Not that it gets old. I'm just saying.

  10. Wait until you are in the grocery store or restaraunt and they screech in conversation with another baby. That's the stage little Miss Maple Leaf is at! We have moved passed puree and she only wants finger foods, I see you are about to dive into baby food. Have you checked out weelicious? Some good recipes and ideas I thought you might like :) Enjoy his babbles pretty soon it will be little pitter patters of footsteps in everything and you'll be chasing him around trying to catch your breath! Speaking of as I try to type this Little Miss is getting into a bookcase and I had to get a picture of her so I'm off to post her mischief!

  11. Oh, but that screech is soooo cute, as is everything about Peanut! I've been away awhile, and canNOT believe how big he is getting. Wowsa.. give him a li'l hug from us! -Tammy

  12. Oh, how funny! We haven't gotten to the loud-noises-phase yet, thankfully!


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