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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!


It's the Peanut's first St. Paddy's and I'll be honest here... we have nothing planned.

This is odd considering our obvious roots in Ireland.


I'm pretty sure Peanut won't know the difference.


Next year will be different. I was reading Sasha's posts regarding St. Patricks Day (it's one of her favorite holidays) and all of their traditions and I thought back to my holidays growing up.


My mom celebrated every single holiday. I was always excited when I woke up on a holiday because I knew that something special would be waiting. It meant special treats or special eats, a card or little gift. It meant celebrating and it definitely wasn't going to be like any other day.

I want to give that to Peanut as he grows up.


This picture is bad but it makes me laugh. He is sooo tired here- look at the bags under his eyes.

Anyway, it makes me laugh because there will be so many people who will look like this come tomorrow night. It's the tired eyes at half-mast, the little delirious smile, the wobbly head and quiet possibly the drool.

That look means too much green beer. Ha!

Will there be any green beer on your horizon today?


So, do you have any St. Patrick's Day traditions?


  1. OMG the St. Patrick's leg warmers are to die for. I feel like I am right back in the '80s. He is just too stinkin' cute.

    And my St. Patrick's Day will be filled with taking a friend to her chemo treatment and then coming home to cook the corned beef that I brined myself. And hoping that it turns out at least a little bit. I have a feeling that I haven't let it sit in the brine long enough. Oh well.

  2. We don't celebrate the holiday except for wearing green. But it is fun:) He looks so cute in those outfits. Seriously adorable!

  3. Peanut is so cute. He looks just like B. Kinda like Caden (my son) and Gary. My hubby just said the other day that if you looked at Caden you were never know that he was mine BUT if you were around him you would never know that he was Gary's. He looks just like him and acts just like me:)

  4. LOVE this picture---what fun! I'm that mom, too! I hope to be that grandma too---Target dollar spot is a great place to find things---I found 6 little pins this year for $1, so I had one, my son had two and I still had three to share. I LOVE inexpensive ways to help make the day fun!

  5. I used to go all out for St. Paddy's Day, but have toned it down since my kids have moved out and on with their lives....

    A little green beer, though, probably wouldn't hurt tonight after work!

    Love the peanut pics....

  6. oh my, the cuteness!
    eh, i'm wearing about every color but's just never been huge with us --except for the corned beef dinner at home. yum!!

  7. Oh these pictures are just too cute. In high school my mom always made corned beef and cabbage. In college St. Patty's day was awesome and I always partied down. Now we don't do much but hopefully tonight we'll pop open a guinness (yum!) and celebrate a little. One more day of scenarios for Match and then we're DONE!

  8. Peanut's grown so much.. and he's getting cuter each time I see his pictures! I love how happy he looks in his photos. :)

  9. Who needs green beer, with photos of your adroable leprechaun to gaze at?

  10. Love the pics!!! I posted a pic on my blog of my kids on St Patricks Day, we always go down to the parade and for the first time in years it actually wasn't raining!! Irish weather is so unpredictable!!


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