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Friday, July 24, 2009

Unique Registries for Unique Couples

Let me first start by saying that registering for presents makes me slightly uncomfortable. I don't want anyone to feel I require a gift. That being said, I love it when people put together registries. I'm going to buy you something either way so please let me know what it is that you want. Why then do I feel weird about doing my own registry? ~shrug~ I dunno. But I'm getting over it.

When it comes down to it we have all the basics already. We don't need another toaster or a cuisinart food processor. To be honest we really do need to upgrade some of our kitchen wares but I really am not registering for the $200 knife B has been eyeing. I don't touch B's knives... you learn early on not to mess with a chef's tools. You know, the ones in the individual cases, all wrapped up nicely in the knife bag. What was I talking about?


Oh yes, registries. So we decided to do a honeymoon registry! Basically you plan and book a honeymoon and then you register for the activities. There is an online webpage that guests log in to if they would like to purchase a gift. The above picture is the Milford Sound, New Zealand at sunset.

At that point I thought we were in the clear. I love our registry! But then we started getting requests for a secondary registry. What do you mean a secondary registry? How many gifts do you plan on buying?

I tried to say we don't need anything else. But they would like us to register for things they can get their pretty little hands on. I get that its fun to walk into Macy's and buy things, I do. My very nice and giving guests would like to be able to bring something to the bridal shower or to the wedding. You know, instead of saying "hey we bought you a cocktail in Auckland".

You are probably wondering how it is possible that I can't find anything to register for? What is wrong with this woman? Oh I can shop with the best of them.

You see, if I were to pick out mixing bowls they would run along the lines of vintage pyrex bowls. I love them. I just spend way too much time on here. I love the ones with bursts of fresh, bright, springy color. And my serving pieces would be more along the lines of jadite. Hmmm, I don't have any pizza shears...


Oh Etsy.... why can't you have a wedding registry? It must be Frieday because I keep following my own links and getting caught up in endless browsing. Focus, focus.

So invisible friends... do tell. Where did you register and what did you register for?


  1. 1st. I have never seen pizza shears! Neat! I think I love them! Cuz you know how the wheel needs a bit of power at the end when you get to the crust? And the pizza does NOT want to give, so instead it ends up sliding around? Solution: pizza shears!

    2nd. Isn't weird that the registry is so people will know what you want, but then they end up telling you what to want so they can go buy mostly what they want? HA!! I say a resounding NO to the secondary registry!! The honeymoon registry sounds really cool. Another thing I've never heard of. Did you know your blog would be so educational?

    3rd. To answer your question, we registered at Macy's and Pier One. That was 8 years ago. Now of course, I'd change every single thing about my wedding, except for my dress and the groom. But that's neither here nor there.

  2. DH and I never registered...ours was a simple (second) marriage and we counted on yard sales and auctions to furnish our home. LOL. I love vintage Pyrex. You can see my blogposts wherein I mention Pyrex here:
    I love how the bowls stack when you put the lids on upside down. Makes great space savers in the fridge when storing leftovers!
    Yeah, I know I shouldn't store the bowls stacked like this, but I buy my Pyrex to use it, not as a collectible.

  3. oh my goodness! I looked at that hilarious toaster egg poacher in a catalogue this morning and was totally baffled!

    We were v predictable and went to john lewis which you may not have? We'd never lived together and had both recently graduated so needed all the basics. My sister went to heals in London and everyone clubbed together to get them an eames rocking chair - which I think you like already! x

  4. Elle, its so true! And I love Pier 1 but they don't do registries any more.

    Whitestone, I love your pyrex! And I agree, its bought to be used, not just to look at.

    Alice, I love that rocking chair, if I ever hit the lottery I will buy one for both of us :)

  5. I'm not even sure how to comment on this without sounding snarky. If you want to register for a honeymoon, then do so. If that's what you want, then that's what you want. Elle is right and, hey, she didn't sound snarky. The registry is for you and B. Not for you to pick out gifts you don't want on behalf of your guests. Grrrrr....

    That said, I probably wouldn't do a secondary registry. But then you'll probably get a lot of junk you don't want. I am wondering if you can compile a list of vintage goodies you love and mark some favorite sellers on Etsy. Then, you Mom and other appropriate people can pass that info. along, too. Just a thought.

  6. An Etsy reigistry is GENIUS.

  7. We registered for a lot of platters and serving ware...that I never use. Then there are things like placemats and towels and a random radio that we use all the time.

    Add a few really oddball things on there that you wouldn't mind getting just because I liked the reactions I got.


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